Separation with the background of sexual problems

Most divorces and divorces have a sexual background and lead to separation due to sexual disorders in their marriage!

Nasrin Tehrani, in her analysis of sexual problems and disabilities, said: The importance, attention, follow-up and pathology of the structure and foundation of the family are among the goals whose effects are evident not only in the current era and stakeholders in society, but also attention. Which also focuses on the roots and permanence of humanity. The damage caused by cultural deviations and alienation from oneself is an obstacle to self-reliance and cultural ambiguity that has grown and expanded in our country over the years and is now in the poverty of a comprehensive program with micro and macro strategies to meet society’s needs. Especially how to establish, maintain, stabilize and strengthen the sacred system of the family.

The psychotherapist stated: “Despite many efforts to promote the culture and pay more attention to the human and religious values ​​of the family in most governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions, we still see weaknesses, disorders, crimes, conflicts, separations, divorces.” , We are many collapses, crimes and crimes, most of which are due to the lack of a comprehensive plan for prevention and intervention.

Tehrani has seriously or at least significantly adjusted the existing statistics on the problems and difficulties of families by asking the question, which of the existing and used solutions? He continued: “Of course, this is while most countries around the world are facing serious problems in responding to many needs and problems related to family issues, so much so that today, global organizations are looking for a common plan to create health, health and priority policies.” Classifications in response to the needs of the people are in the form of global, regional and local advocacy. They are also ready to provide direct support to health care providers around the world.

The designer and inventor of the World Family Network said: “One of the basic issues in the financial and economic field in any country is the issue of health and well-being of the people of that society, which is called health economics.” If we consider economic development as an all-encompassing and comprehensive matter in the levels of life and social welfare; Naturally, increasing the health of people in society will be an important and undeniable part of it.

Tehrani stated: ‌ In the process of economic development; Paying attention to the issue of the family, as the foundation of a society, will be the first step, and in the economic literature, health and well-being; It is considered an important part of the capital of human societies. Therefore, if we consider the costs of health and well-being of people in society as a net investment; The costs of ill health and its pathology are considered as an alternative investment. Accordingly, in the literature of economic development of the country, certainly a lifestyle that provides health and well-being of people in society, will play a decisive and very effective role.

He added: “In the meantime, the issue of sexual health includes the basis and foundation of establishing healthy and safe communication in a society.” Therefore, it is very important that you are at the top of the education triangle somewhere and that at every stage of life, the share that has been allocated to you is transferred to people of different ages and stages of life. If this does not happen properly and by committed experts in this field, it will definitely happen by non-experts! Because as long as there is a gender issue, there will be needs in this area and the need to respond to it is inevitable!

The most complex devices and instincts are the sexual instinct

Tehrani stated: Undoubtedly, the most complex creature is human God, and in the meantime, one of the most complex devices and instincts is the sexual instinct, which has many issues dormant in it. Sexual behavior is one of the effective instincts and always affects human beings psychologically and socially, and goes so far as to say that normal and healthy sexual behavior is one of the most desirable and valuable human instincts. Because the formation of human society and its survival is based on the existence of these instincts, which is defined in the form of a valuable structure called the family.

He continued: “Obviously, a part of married life is faced with sexual issues, although in our society, due to cultural modesty and religious beliefs, there are no accurate statistics on the prevalence of sexual problems in our society, but the denial or Denying it will not only not be problematic, but at some point in time the richness of reality will be imposed on us, and there may not be a chance to return at that time.

Tehrani stated: Most of the world’s religions that believe in metaphysics, tried to address moral issues in order to create healthy sexual relations between people in society and human interactions. The world’s major religions cover ethical principles and issues, including sexuality and morality. Make a positive impact.

He said: جنسی Human sexual behavior has a long history dating back to human creation, and certainly early humans knew that in order to survive their generation had to engage in sexual behavior and with the advent of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), and the emphasis of Islam on sexual intercourse between human couples It has reached new dimensions of necessity and how to do it, and the Qur’an has stated that the reason for the creation of a couple is to comfort each other: You established kindness. In this, too, there is a clear proof for those who think (Surah Romans, verse 21) ”{5}. “He is the God who created you from a single human being, and made his wife his own, that he might be with her.” So when he had intercourse with her, he took a light attack (A’raf 187) ”{5}.

50% of divorces in Iran are caused by sexual problems

The designer and innovator of the field of multidisciplinary sciences of family health and the plan of cheating spouses stated: dissatisfaction with sexual needs has always been a factor affecting the relationship between husband and wife and as stated in scientific studies and official statistics, 50% of divorces In our country there are sexual issues and problems.

Tehrani continued: “Not paying attention to each other’s sexual needs, which are related to all kinds of sexual issues and problems, such as sexual dysfunction to sexual disabilities, and even lack of sexual awareness, can lead to anger, aggression, and failure by damaging the couple’s relationship.” And it discourages the spouse and gradually causes conflicts and disorders.

“Sexual morality has varied considerably over time and across cultures,” he said. Society’s sexual norms, or standards of sexual behavior, are linked to religious or social beliefs and environmental conditions. Sexual desire is one of the pervasive characteristics of human societies. Accordingly, most religions seek answers to the appropriate role of sexual issues in human interactions, the regulation of sexual activity, the determination of principled values, or sexual actions and thoughts.

Tehrani added: “Religious views and beliefs have a wide range of sexual orientations, from the belief in lust and negativity of sexual matters to the belief that sexual issues are the highest manifestation of God, even sexual views in a religion from One sect is different from another. Some religions distinguish between sexual activity for biological reproduction or for sexual pleasure as immoral.

The designer and innovator of the field of multidisciplinary sciences of family health and the plan of cheating spouses said: there are good reasons that sexual intercourse in the form of married life is very useful for the physical and mental health of human beings. For example, sex increases the secretion of testosterone in the blood, which strengthens bones and muscles and ensures the supply of good cholesterol.

Sex is a natural analgesic in the body

“Endorphins, which are a natural analgesic in the body, are also released during sex and have a beneficial effect in reducing pain, dizziness and osteoarthritis,” he said. Shortly before orgasm, the hormone dihydropenidesterone (DHEA) is released, which enhances perception. At this time, a large amount of oxytocin is released in the body, a hormone that requires relaxation and intimacy.

Tehrani concluded: “Research shows how much estrogen helps strengthen bones and improve blood circulation.” Hormones protect the heart and prolong life. That’s why more sex means longer life and less anxiety. Islam encourages its followers to marry as a religious practice and presents it as the best way to regulate and satisfy sexual desire and sexual relations in human beings. To the extent that sexual activity between spouses is considered a spiritual activity and even their duty.

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