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It may have happened to you that your wife makes excuses to have sex and does not show any desire to say “I am not having sex tonight…” But what causes both of you to feel the need for a relationship? How many reasons are there to have a relationship? 1? 2? 200? Some academic research has shown that there are 237 different reasons to start a relationship. In this article, from Dr. Salam’s sex section, we will examine 20 reasons why people turn to sex.

20 reasons for the need for sex

In 2010, a study was conducted on people’s desire to have sex, and according to the polls, they concluded that today there are more reasons than in the past to have sex, and couples have sex more often than in the past. they do. These results contradict past opinions that couples have sex for three reasons: to procreate, to feel better, and for love.

Today, having sex is subject to various factors such as psychological, social, cultural and even religious. Although some sexologists still believe that there is only one reason to have sex.

Desire for sex

A sex counselor at Northwestern University believes that asking people why you have sex is like asking why you eat. Our brains are designed to make us want to do this.”

The desire for sex is an internal desire that helps humans continue to survive and evolve. Different cultures deal with this issue and different reasons for having sex or preventing it, in different ways.

What factors make you crave sex?

Physical reasons:

Pleasure, stress relief, exercise, sexual or personal attraction.

Primary objectives:

Fertility, improving social status (eg becoming popular) or revenge.

Security reasons:

To increase self-esteem, keeping your spouse from having sex with others or because of a sense of duty or pressure from the other party (for example, your spouse insists on sex).


The differences between sexual relations:

In general, men are more inclined to have sex because they like the feeling of having sex. Although women enjoy and desire sex by doing it, it increases in them. Researchers have divided this difference in the desire to create a relationship in men and women into two categories:

Sex based on body needs:

It means that you have sex because it makes you feel good in your body and you don’t care about the other person’s feelings.

Sex based on emotional need:

This type of sex is established when you are in a relationship with the other party and take care of your feelings and relationship.

Experts believe that men think more about their body’s needs in their early years, but they change over time and their relationships will be more important in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

With the passage of time, women become more similar to men because at first they think about the continuity, durability and continuation of their relationship, but in longer relationships they focus more on pleasure.

Despite these observations, researchers have observed similarities between men’s and women’s views of sex in recent years. In a study, they observed that educated men experience emotionless relationships to satisfy their physical needs.

Contrary to the differences that men and women have in this field, they have become closer today. There are many women who have sex to fulfill their physical desires, but men like to declare that they only have sex for emotional reasons.

Sex -2

20 reasons why people have sex:

  • Improving mood and relieving stress
  • duty
  • Increase in strength
  • Increase self-esteem
  • The experience of being powerful
  • Feeling attracted to the partner
  • Arousing jealousy
  • Improve social status
  • earn money
  • Birth
  • need attention
  • nursing
  • New partner
  • Spouse pressure
  • Pleasure
  • Decreased libido
  • revenge
  • sexual attraction
  • Expressing interest in the other party
  • Mental relaxation

Sex -3

Why do they study sex?

It is not easy to understand why humans have the desire to have sex. Today, young men and women are not very committed to their relationships and are mostly discovering the other party and their needs in relationships. And their answer to the question why do they have sex? It comes back to their self-concept and social relationships. These are things that change over time.

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