Sex after menopause

People who are more than 50 years of age, feel some kind of shame in relation to having sexual activity and believe that having gray hair and wrinkled skin, activity and sex should also disappear. Many women feel that when they reach the age of menopause and are no longer able to reproduce, they have to say goodbye to sex. In this article from the section sexual Hello, Dr. Salam, we are going to examine having sex after menopause.

Sex after menopause

If a woman does not have a period for 12 consecutive months, it is said that she is on the verge of menopause. Menopause usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 50. The average age of menopause for women in the United States is 51 years. It is just a myth that women stop having sex after menopause. A woman doesn’t have to put an end to one of the most enjoyable experiences of her life by entering menopause or experiencing vaginal dryness and cramping.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your love of life warm and satisfying and having the best sex after menopause. In fact, many women believe that with age, the frequency and pleasure of sex improves, and with time, the quality becomes better. During this stage of life, women are often more confident and able to tell their lover what they want in bed, and this makes their relationship grow and deepen.

Maintaining an active and good sex life after menopause

In order to keep your lovemaking strong and strong, here are some tips to take your sex life to a whole new level.

Increase your sexual flames by fantasizing

Nothing is as stimulating as having an active imagination and daydreaming. In this case, use the most powerful sexual organ, your brain, and create a series of sexually pleasurable thoughts in your mind. Use your imagination to have sex to see what satisfies you and gets you what you want and deserve.


Kegel exercise

With Kegel exercises, you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, especially after childbirth urinary incontinence reduce But this exercise has the added bonus of keeping your sex life hot. This exercise reduces the occurrence of pain during sexual intercourse and is associated with the peak of sexual pleasure (orgasm) and sexual satisfaction.

Keeping fit

A woman who has maintained her figure over the years often looks better at this age than when she was younger. Nothing can attract a man’s attention more than a woman taking care of her fitness and looking good and great.

Apart from you and your partner, no one else is home

By the time many women enter menopause, their children are grown and separated from their parents; It means that you and your partner are alone and you don’t have to worry about having sex anymore.

At this time, you feel liberated once again, more motivated to have sex, and more open about when and where you have sex.


Use of lubricant gel

Using lubricant gel can make sex more exciting and enjoyable. Many couples use these gels for sexual activities before intercourse, which leads to new positions and techniques. Postmenopausal women vaginal dryness experience and should turn the use of this gel into a regular night schedule to prepare themselves for having an exciting sex.

Allowed food consumption

Nothing beats a romantic home-cooked meal. Eating the right kind of food not only allows you to hear the sizzle of food as it is being prepared, but this can also be carried over to the bedroom.

There is evidence that some vitamins and food components can improve sexual performance and increase sexual instincts. Foods such as avocados, oysters, almonds, strawberries, figs, and beets increase libido.


Starting an intimate and private relationship

Sex is one of the most intimate and private activities a husband and wife can engage in, and as we age, this intimacy should begin outside the bedroom. From the beginning and throughout the day, start with small things like wake-up kisses, holding each other’s hands, and sweet, romantic whispers to increase your desire and desire to have sex and make love.

Exercising increases sexual desire

Prioritize your health and increase your libido by exercising, which can lead to great sex. If you are not in a pleasant state physically and emotionally, there is a possibility that you will not feel satisfied with your sexual needs and you will suffer from this issue. Having a healthy diet, regular exercise and enough sleep are key and important components to being satisfied with one sex It is healthy.

Sexual intercourse maintains the health of the vagina

There is a misconception that when a woman enters menopause, the vagina shrivels and dries up like a prune. This condition is due to some changes that occur due to the decrease and loss of the estrogen hormone, but many women do not notice any changes.

This change in the amount of hormones causes a decrease in blood flow to the vagina, but in this case, having sex can help. At this stage of life, the more you have sex, the more blood flow to this area, which leads to stimulation of the vagina and helps to keep it healthy.


Enjoy having a perfect sex

Some may think that long-term sex will become boring and predictable. No, it is not like that. By having perfect sex, you are confident that you can reap significant benefits from intimacy. In addition to excitement, a good sex relationship can bring you comfort, a sense of relaxation, dependence, confidence and a kind of spiritual closeness. These are things that don’t happen often in a new relationship.

This is the security that comes from having a strong bond, and it may give you the freedom to experience new ways to get this pleasure.

Decreased speed of sexual relations

As you get older, prepare yourself for the process of sexual response to become slower and slower than what you used to have in the past. Lubricant gel may have little effect for you and even slow down sexual reactions for your partner. By slowing down the pace of sexual activity, like trying to go from two sprints to two marathons, it’s likely that you’ll both be more satisfied than before.

Even if you don’t always reach the peak of sexual pleasure, enjoying sexual activities and making love is a way to have a sex relationship with a pure pleasure that makes you enjoy being close and connected to each other.

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