Sex and its effect on the nervous system

Did you know that sex can have a direct effect on your mood and nervous system?

Researchers at the University of Tennessee analyzed the situation of 72 newly married couples and monitored their condition for 4 years to obtain new results about the impact of marital relationships on the nervous state of couples.
According to a recent study published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, establishing frequent and regular marital relationships helps newlywed couples get rid of stress and feel satisfied with their marriage.

Couples who are nervous are more likely to have problems in their relationships and marriages because they are much more exposed to nervous stimuli, mood swings and a variety of worries. The results of this study show that these 72 couples, on average, had a marital relationship once a week in the first 6 months of marriage and had intercourse three times a month in the fourth year. Although marital satisfaction is not related to the number of marital relationships, there are exceptions.

According to this study, more marital relationships between couples who were very nervous, improved this situation and reduced the level of nervousness.

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