Sex and woman’s advances

A woman coming forward to ask for sexIs there a problem? Why do some women think that if they tell their husband that they need caress and sex, it is embarrassing? By the way, on the contrary, men never think bad about their women when they see this request, and they even feel secure.

In the marital relationship, most of the time, one of the couple initiates the sexual relationship. Although there is no specific requirement as to who should be the initiator, According to the characteristics of women as well as cultural and social teachings, it is basically men who initiate sex. In this article, we discuss why women generally refuse to be the initiators of lovemaking.

The reason why women do not advance in sex

1- Some women are trained in such a way that a woman should never show that she enjoys making love and likes sexual relations. If a woman enjoys sex with her husband, this reason can explain her apathy and sexual passivity. In societies where sexual relations are condemned and taboo, girls are taught that girls who Sex They enjoy, they are naughty and cute. And men often do not like to marry such girls.

Women are often consciously or unconsciously trained to suppress their sexual tendencies because they don’t know what would happen if they did show them. A woman may have received this strong message from her parents or from her religious beliefs about women taking the lead in sex, and therefore it is difficult for her to initiate. Because this makes others think that she is interested in sexual relations and this in her opinion means that she is a bad and dirty woman.


Talk to your partner and explain to him how much pressure it puts on you to always be the one to take the lead, because taking the lead in sex and being the initiator is a kind of emotional outing and there is a possibility that you will be rejected. Tell him that you want him to show you his love and affection and make you feel loved. Ask him this and tell him that if he is the initiator sometimes, not only will you not consider him bad and dirty, but you will also respect him more.

2- A woman likes sex, but some features of her partner may not turn her on, or the way loving His wife did not enjoy it. Many men complain that their wives do not enjoy sex with them, but in many cases the truth is that their wives enjoy making love, but they do not enjoy the way their husbands make love.


If your wife refuses to make love with you and never initiates, give yourself the courage and courage to do so and ask her: “If I made love in a different way, would you enjoy it?” If the answer is yes, put aside your pride and listen to his sexual characteristics and needs and ask him what he likes and what he doesn’t like. It is possible that he has desires that you do not fulfill and are not in harmony with his fantasies.

It can be difficult to talk about such issues without professional help, so see a qualified and experienced sexual counselor or psychologist to help you feel more honest, accepting, and comfortable about it. Sexual issues speak for yourself

3- Some women may have become cold and disinterested in sexual relations due to past painful sexual experiences. If your wife explains her lack of sexual advances by claiming that she is a woman who never likes sex, don’t take it for granted. Sexual apathy is often more complicated than it seems. It is very unlikely that there is a person who does not like sex. Apathy and indifference to sex is often a cover for aversion to it, which itself can be rooted in fear of intimacy, fear of being dominated, or repressed anger and disgust.

If sexual apathy has become a chronic, long-term and permanent problem, it may be due to a more serious mental-psychological reason such as sexual harassment, rape, incest or other forms of violence and abuse. Your partner may not even be aware of the connection between childhood and past emotional trauma and aversion to sex—in fact, he may not remember any of the events that led to his lack of interest in sex.


If you suspect that the reason why your wife is not making progress in sexual relations is that she was a victim of one of these unpleasant incidents, try to convince her to get professional help. Not because of saving his marriage with you, but for his own happiness and peace of mind.

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