Sex drugs and these consequences

How much do you know about the side effects of sex enhancers? Are you aware of their negative effects on other parts of your body? We want to point out the consequences of using such sex drugs.

Circle Monthly – Hamed Shater Abbasi: Viagra can be considered the most famous drug for the treatment of impotence among the people; But incomplete information about it has led to misuse of this drug and increased side effects; Because there are so many misconceptions about this drug, which is used by more than twenty-three million people worldwide.

Some drugs were initially made for other purposes; But after the tests, they caused side effects. Sildenafil, better known by its brand name Viagra, was first developed by Pfizer and used to treat angina (heart disease). During the tests of this drug, it was observed that due to consumption, an increase in erection occurs. Since then, on March 27, 1998, it has been used as the first drug to treat impotence in the United States.

What does Viagra do?

Most men sometimes have erectile dysfunction that needs to be treated if it happens repeatedly. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, hormonal imbalances and prostate problems are side effects of some medications, especially antihypertensive and psychotropic drugs; Anxiety, depression and lack of self-confidence are also factors that increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Viagra by relaxing the muscles of the penis, penetrates more blood into it and thus increases the rate of erection and is often used to treat erectile dysfunction in men; But there are other uses that are determined by your doctor. Italian researchers have found that testosterone levels increase in men who take the drug.

This pill is easily and quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Viagra is metabolized by liver enzymes and the liver and kidneys are involved in its excretion. Sildenafilm or Viagra is available as 25, 50 and 100 mg blue tablets.

Even a pill

Sildenafil is usually taken as a pill when needed; This time can be from half to four hours (usually one hour) before deciding to have sex. Consumption of fatty foods with this drug delays its effect.

In most patients, treatment is started with 50 mg tablets; Of course, note that even if you use Viagra to create an erection, there is a need for physical and mental stimulation and the patient’s desire to get an erection.

It’s on the coin!

Viagra is a relatively complex drug. Naturally, not all of these complications are equally important, and depending on their type, they can even be associated with a risk of death. Some common side effects of Viagra include headache, redness and heat in the face and upper body, upset stomach, fear of light, pulse sensation, runny nose, nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, vision changes, blue appearance Objects and diarrhea.

Sensitive reactions to this drug include a feeling of laryngeal closure, swelling of the lips, tongue and face, urticaria, chest pain and irregular heartbeat, tingling and heaviness in the chest, armpits, neck and lower jaw, swelling Legs noted shortness of breath and a feeling of prolonged or severe meningitis. Excessively painful and prolonged erection (more than 4 hours) is another side effect of this drug.

Sildenafil-induced myocardial infarction has rarely been reported in patients without a history of cardiovascular disease and without concomitant use of drugs that predispose to cardiovascular problems. Hypotension, heart muscle damage, and vascular clotting have also been reported with sildenafil.

Drug Interactions

Some drugs change the effectiveness and side effects of this drug; For example, nitrate-containing heart medications, other medications used for erectile dysfunction, some anti-AIDS medications, cimetidine, phenobarbital, carbamazepine, and rifampin interact with sildenafil and should be used with caution. Nitroglycerin or nitrate drugs such as isosorbide, mononitrate, dinitrate, nitroglycerin tablets or sublingual spray, nitroglycerin strips and trabecular label are also contraindicated.

Does Viagra go blind?

Researchers at the Food and Drug Administration in the United States have recently begun extensive research into the effects of Viagra on blindness. This form of blindness is called “NAION” and often occurs in men with diabetes or heart disease that leads to erectile dysfunction. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, fifty cases of the disease have been reported in Viagra users; But whether NAION should really be considered a side effect of this drug or not; It must be said that there is still a relatively long way to go to confirm or reject this issue.

Medicine is not a hobby!

Many experts cite TV commercials for anti-impotence companies such as Viagra as the main reason young people turn to these drugs. However, this medicine should not be used without a prescription; But it is also advertised and sold online on foreign TV and many Internet sites; It sold nearly $ 1 billion between 1999 and 2001.

Viagra was originally developed for older men with sexual problems; But recent statistics show that since the drug entered the market in 1998, the number of prescriptions for people under 45 has increased by 30 percent.

Even many young men who do not have any problems admit that they have resorted to recreational use of this drug; The question that arises here is whether the use of such drugs, especially in the long run, is not dangerous for the health of young men? There is currently no theoretical consensus on this.

Today, this referee, who has also found slang names, such as “Mr. Blue” “Mr. “Blue”, “Sextasy” (a combination of Viagra and Ecstasy) and “Vitamin V” are consumed by many people for fun; However, these drugs are not primarily intended for recreational use.

8 Important Tips About Viagra!

1- The use of this drug in the elderly, especially those who use certain drugs such as nitrates (which is used in drugs for heart patients), should be done with the direct opinion of the relevant doctor and his prescription. Otherwise it can be risky.

2- If the erection lasts more than four hours, it is necessary to see a doctor because of the possibility of damage to the penis.

Sildenafil should be used with caution in patients with bleeding disorders or gastric ulcers.

4 – If during intercourse, symptoms such as meningitis, dizziness, nausea or heart pain (chest pain, feeling of tightness and pressure in the chest, clothing, tetanus and chest pain or shoulder and lower jaw) appeared in the consumer, from Continue sexual activity should be avoided and see a doctor immediately.

It is not recommended to take more than one sildenafil tablet a day.

6- In case of accidental consumption more than the recommended amounts, the patient should be transported to the hospital immediately.

7- The medicine should be stored away from light and moisture at a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, in a closed box.

8- Due to the possibility of severe heart complications due to the use of this drug, it is recommended to be used only under a doctor’s prescription. The most important advice is: “Never take this medicine out of curiosity or curiosity.”

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