Sex during pregnancy

to have Sex Can be considered as one of the most important reasons for stability and increasing intimacy and interest between couples. Among the problems that most couples with children have struggled with; to have Sex Is during pregnancy; Different beliefs about having Sex There are times during pregnancy that we intend to examine in this article. Stay tuned to Dr. Salam.

As pregnancy progresses naturally, having Sexual intercourse It is unobstructed whenever necessary. But the tendency to do this changes during pregnancy. Initially due to hormonal fluctuations, fatigue or nausea, reduce this tendency. During the second trimester, your desire to have sex may increase due to increased blood flow to your genitals and breasts. And again in the third trimester due to weight gain, back pain and other symptoms again reduce your feeling of intercourse.

Sex during pregnancy and abortion!

The Prophet of God (PBUH) in a part of his advice to Imam Ali (AS) which is about close etiquette says: O Ali! If your wife becomes pregnant, do not have intercourse with her unless you are performing ablutions; Because if a child is destined among you, he will become cordial and stingy. From this order of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) it is inferred that intercourse during pregnancy is not a problem as long as it is accompanied by ablution. In principle, it is better for a man and a woman to perform ablution in any act of intimacy; Ablution has many effects that one of the benefits of ablution is the happiness of the human soul.

Usually couples want to know if sexual activity harms the fetus. Sexual intercourse and ejaculation do not pose a risk to the mother or fetus during a normal pregnancy. The fetus is in the muscular compartment of the uterus and inside a protective sac called the amniotic sac. This sac contains a fluid called amniotic fluid that protects the fetus from possible blows and injuries. In addition, a thick mucous membrane covers the cervix, which prevents the transmission of infection. However, if you are still worried and have questions about this, you can ask your doctor for advice.

Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy It will be accompanied by ups and downs, such as a decrease in sexual desire in the first trimester of pregnancy, which includes various causes. Of course, this statement does not apply to all women, and on the contrary, it increases sexual desire in They become.

In general if prohibited for Sex the door Pregnancy No interaction and contact is necessary and cuddling ladies in pregnancy period It helps their mental and emotional peace and makes them give birth to happier children and return to their married life sooner after giving birth. After the birth of a child, it usually takes a few weeks (4 to 6) for mothers to be able to take care of their baby for Sex Prepare, especially in early childhood, for couples to lack privacy to express their sexual feelings. I recommend that you maintain this privacy at every stage of your life so that you can have a happy sex life and then other parts of your life together.

Sex is forbidden in these circumstances!

There are also situations in which people should avoid sexual intercourse. If the person has a history of preterm delivery, bleeding and spotting are seen in the person, suspected of rupture of the amniotic sac, low placenta in the uterus, cervical insufficiency, premature onset of labor pains and pain during sexual intercourse In these cases, proximity should be avoided.

Sex during pregnancy

Positive effects of sex during pregnancy

Experts believe that having Sex during pregnancy In the absence of medical barriers, it is very useful and can have positive effects in all dimensions (mental and physical) and also help to improve the relationship between couples; Effect of Sex during pregnancy On the ease of the process giving birth It is very impressive!

1. Comfortable orgasm

Increases blood flow to libido. In fact some women for the first time during Pregnancy They experience reaching orgasm.

2. Calorie reduction

Sex is one of the ways to burn calories in the body. Every 30 minutes, 50 calories or more are burned.

3. Blood pressure control

Research has shown that intercourse lowers blood pressure. Because high blood pressure is associated with preeclampsia, it is a good way to prevent it.

4. Pain reliever

Orgasm releases oxytocin (or love hormone), which research has shown increases pain tolerance by up to 74%.

5. Comfortable sleep

For the mother: Proximity calms, so it also affects your restful sleep.

For the baby: The baby falls asleep during intercourse.

6. Boosting immunity system

Research has shown that intercourse produces antibodies that prevent colds and infections.

Sex during pregnancy

7. Strengthen the mood and vitality

Orgasm releases endorphins that will make you and your baby happy and relaxed.

8. Increased interest

Again, we have to thank oxytocin, which makes love.

9. Decreased recovery period after pregnancy

Orgasm It prepares the pelvis for delivery during pregnancy, which in turn accelerates postpartum recovery.

Appropriate sex positions during pregnancy

It is better for a pregnant woman to be in a position where there is no pressure on her abdomen and the man can better control the amount of penetration.

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