Sex with the presence of the baby

When you have a child, you will have a lot of problems to have sex, and for fear of having a child by your side, this will be accompanied by coldness and reluctance. We have recommendations in this regard for parents.

The sexuality of parents who put their children to sleep next to them is often disrupted, and they are confused about how to deal with it. Sometimes parents get hurt in the meantime, and most of the time the child’s sexual care is compromised. Dr. Ali Shaykh al-Islami explains this in an interview with Ni Ni Site.

Do parents who put their young children to sleep next to them have sexual dysfunction?

Yes, but this disorder is not only affecting the mother and father, in many cases children also struggle with problems when they grow up. Usually, when a couple gets married and has no children, they have sex freely whenever they like, and the birth of a child confuses them, and sometimes they are so stressed that the relationship may Their marriage is in danger.

When should a child’s bedroom be separated?

From about one and a half years old, a child can sleep in his own bedroom, and this not only allows the parents to have their own privacy, but also has a good effect on the child’s development and gives him a sense of independence. If the child gets used to his room, parents can spend time together during their free time without any problems.

Some people think that babies do not notice anything and that is why they have sex in front of the baby’s eyes? What is your opinion on this?

Unfortunately, sometimes parents have sex in front of their child thinking that their child does not understand anything, while babies have a very strong memory even when they can not speak, and they record all the images in their mind, and it may even be. They think that their father is beating and upsetting their mother, and this, in addition to the effect of sex on the child’s psyche, makes him resent the father as well.

How should parents plan their sex life so that the child does not have any problems?

They should postpone the hours of their relationship to when the child is asleep or not at home. Sex can even be postponed from night to morning and when the child is asleep. If the child is old enough to be passed on to someone, it is best to do this for one hour a week so that parents can have sex without the stress of waking up.

The birth of a child in cohabitation is something that you have to develop in life, but the unknowing behavior of the parents sometimes causes life to face serious problems. For example, sometimes couples constantly postpone their relationship because of this fear of being seen in front of the child, and this issue gradually causes sexual coldness, while with a simple planning, this big problem can be solved.

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