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Sexual hygiene:

Sexology is a science that talks about sex in general. This knowledge has different branches. In Dr. Salam’s medical magazine, the sexual section, we discuss health issues related to sex and everything related to it. There used to be a topic in psychology that dealt with sexual issues and problems, but a field called sexology had not entered the field of science.

Is sexual health education necessary?

Today, the complications caused by the lack of awareness of issues such as non-observance of family planning, non-observance of hygiene in sexual matters and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the spread of the deadly AIDS disease, which imposes an irreparable material and spiritual cost on the society, make the need for health education in sexual matters more than has already revealed This training should include all ages. Because learning about sexual issues is a necessary thing that can prevent moral deviations.

Psychologists agree that adolescence and puberty are one of the most sensitive stages of development. Therefore, the teenager should not be left alone at this sensitive stage. Of course, this training should be thorough and expert. In the Iranian society, it is better for the experts and practitioners of education to find a suitable way with the cultural structure of Iran and then include it in the school curriculum, and because parents, especially mothers, can play an effective role in this education, it is necessary that it itself if necessary, learn these trainings and cooperate with schools and teachers.

Experiences and statistics show that the risk of sexual and moral deviance of teenagers without training in this field is much more and more destructive than those who have had proper training.

Based on the research done: 1- The first step in sexual health education should be taken in the family so that parents are honest in answering their child’s questions and refrain from saying things like ((You’ll grow up, you’ll understand!)) do The necessity of education for parents should also be mentioned here. 2- The educational system should be designed in such a way that it introduces the child to personal sexual hygiene and sexual relations with others simply and according to his physical development. This education should start before elementary school. Here, the method of training the teachers of this unit should also be considered. 3- In order to compile and compile teaching resources in the field of sexual health, the presence of a team of specialists is required. In this group, a group of psychologists or psychiatrists, doctors, teachers (preferably health educators), experts in religious sciences, specialists in religious affairs should participate. Finally, sexual health education will not be very effective if it is not presented with the right provisions, in the right place and in the right way, and it will also make the society’s view negative towards such vital educations in the society.

Sources: 1- Dr. Salam’s medical journal
2- Sexual health book – author and translator: Dr. Aref Rad – Afshin Taj Dini

August 19, 2011 13:54

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