Sexual addiction Excessive sexual activity

How much do you know about sex addiction? This time, in a different article in Dr. Salam’s medical journal, we address this important issue, which is also called excessive sexual activity. Although sex addiction is often not taken seriously, it is a disorder that destroys the foundation of family, relationships and cohabitation.

In the past, psychiatrists did not consider uncontrolled sexual behavior to be a mental disorder because there was very little research in this area. But in recent years, the question has always been whether sexual addiction is a disease or not.

Sexual addiction is defined by a variety of terms and definitions, including sexual dependence, excessive sexual activity, sexual behavior disorder, and

Research shows that sexual addiction is a serious mental disorder, and believing in this fact leads to further studies, access to treatment and prevention techniques for people at risk.

In the diagnosis of sexual addiction as a mental disorder, conditions are considered, including that the person has intense and repetitive sexual behaviors, arousal and sexual desire for at least 6 months, and this condition is due to external factors such as drugs, disease. No substance abuse or mental health problems related to bipolar disorder.

Usually the reaction of such people to mood swings is sexual activity. For example, these patients use sex to improve depression and relieve stress.

Another characteristic of these patients is that they try to reduce or stop their sexual activity but fail to do so. Usually, their sexual behaviors disrupt relationships, jobs, and other important aspects of their lives.

Studies show that sexual addiction has many individual and social consequences, including job loss, sexually transmitted diseases, loss of relationship and cohabitation, and disruption of normal and healthy sexual activity.

Most of these patients believe that their sexual problem developed before the age of 18 or between the ages of 18 and 25.

In people with sexual addiction, other sexual disorders such as masturbation, excessive viewing of vulgar movies and pictures, homosexuality, sex over the phone and the Internet, group sex, sex with inappropriate people and having multiple sexual partners Is also observed.

Experts believe that many healthy people naturally use sex to cope with stress and achieve relaxation, but in patients with sexual addiction, this pattern of behavior is constant, repetitive and out of control, and sexual desires throughout a person’s life. And the patient feels powerless to change this pattern.

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