Sexual desires from the point of view of psychotherapy

From the point of view of psychiatry, sexual desire and having sex is a form of making love to the other party. We want to examine psychotherapy theories about having sex. Love and intimacy will increase with sex.

Love and intimacy definitely make life sweeter. Almost everyone finds it pleasant to love and be loved. The desire to communicate in interpersonal encounters is perfectly reasonable. The better interpersonal relationships people have, the happier they are. But this does not mean that love and intimacy are necessary for human existence.

As soon as we consider love as an absolute necessity, we become anxious, expectant and dependent people. If we tell ourselves that we must love, we try to possess those who provide it. If they show their love to others, we get jealous, and if someone comes along and takes our love, we can’t live without it.

A dependent wife, a jealous husband, an exclusive sexual partner, and an unreliable wifeare examples of people who define love as absolute determinism.

Despite popular religious beliefs, we don’t need to worship love to understand it. Love is a human phenomenon that increases the joy and happiness of life, not an absolute determinism that can justify our existence or sanctify us.

Sexual desire also does not need sanctification. Sexual desire is not a dirty desire that can be justified only by procreation, marriage or love. As a leading advocate of guilt-free sexuality, Albert Ellis was one of the rare rationalists for sexual freedom. The insistence that intercourse requires love rather than being good is obviously a human teaching that is really a moral wolf in sheep’s clothing, an old and repressive morality that insists that sexual desire is justified on the basis of higher value rather than innate pleasure. will be

Sex can be just for fun. Sexual desire can be the most obvious expression of people’s natural desire to produce pleasure. Being free to enjoy this deep pleasure means ignoring the irrational prohibitions of an anti-sex society or the unreasonable expectations of a society that measures people’s worth by the number of orgasms they achieve or the number of sexual partners they have. People have guilt-free and anxiety-free sex who are rational enough to express their natural sexuality without worrying about parental expectations or sexual performance.

Source: Dr. Salam

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March 10, 2015 06:05

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