sexual dreams; 7 types of sexual dreams and their meanings

Sexual dreams What is? Why do some people dream a lot about sex? If you have ever wondered why your dreams are full of sex scenes centered on you as the main person and with the presence of another person, then the continuation of this article from the sex and Psychology Read Doctorsalam. Sexual dreams They are a natural part of life. In fact, it is not far from the truth to say that we all experience these dreams throughout our lives. It is normal to dream of having sex with someone other than your spouse.

What do sexual dreams tell us?

We all want to know the meaning of our dreams. Especially when we are confused why we have seen a certain dream, this issue becomes more apparent. Dream content often relates to something happening in your waking life. So when your days are full of stress and anxiety, your day may end with unpleasant dreams. But if things go well and you feel satisfied, your dreams may change.

Dr. Janet Brito, licensed psychologist and sex therapist, explains that dreams are a way of revealing what is invisible to you. They act as an internal guidance system, reporting to you how you’re living your life, and displaying iconic images for you to explore. Brito says: The symbols and images in the dream connect you to feelings, desires or the problem you are trying to solve.

The meaning of sexual dreams

Deciphering the meaning behind sex dreams does not have a specific process. Although you may be tempted to interpret your dreams literally, Brito says that in order to understand your dream’s meaning, it’s best to focus on examining its symbolism.

He adds: “When sex appears in your dreams, it turns it into a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and focuses on the emotional experience in your dream, and according to Your energy is channeled and terminated.” He adds: “This sexual dream shows you an emotional need that you are trying to achieve in waking life.”

It is good to know that even sexual dreams that may be considered “taboo” should not cause you concern. You just have to think a little deeper to see what your subconscious mind is saying about your waking life.

It is important to reiterate that deciphering the meaning behind sex dreams is not the same process for everyone. Each of us takes a different meaning from each story. However, there are some common themes that appear in sex dreams.

Sexual dreams of communication with a stranger or acquaintance

What does it say:

Maybe it just means your libido is high and your needs aren’t being met.

what should we do:

Do not pay too much attention to this dream. It could just be about your active (or hyperactive) inclination. If so, having a relationship with your spouse is a good solution. Let your partner know how you feel and what you want, but be sensitive to the fact that they may not feel the same way.

Sexual dreams

Sexual dreams of having sex with an ex-wife

What does it say:

Depending on how often you see these dreams and how long you have been separated from your ex, they can mean anything; From not getting used to having sex with your new partner to grieving the loss of your previous relationship.

what should we do:

If you’ve recently gotten out of a relationship, allow yourself to get used to having sex with your new partner. However, if it’s been months or even years since you broke up and you still have dreams about having sex with your ex, you may need to see a mental health professional.

Sexual dreams include master and slave relationship

What does it say:

This type of relationship is based on slavery, cruelty and pleasure of pain.

Dr. Fran Wallfish, a psychotherapist living in Beverly Hills, says in this regard: “This dream may mean that you had a domineering mother or father, and because you are familiar with this, you want your love to prevail.” And have a ruling.” Another possible interpretation may be a desire to control in order to make others obey you.

what should we do:

“There is nothing bad, wrong, or unnatural about this sexual experience,” Walfisch explains. Our sexual experiences are personal and private.”

When one party wants to experience this type of relationship and the other party is not interested in this, one should gently let his partner know exactly what he wants. Pay attention to the fact that your wife must be satisfied with this relationship and sometimes you can make her happy by performing sexual acts that your wife enjoys.

Oral sex in sex dreams

What does it say:

This dream could mean that you are living with someone who hates oral sex, but you secretly love this type of relationship.

what should we do:

“Although some people like it, many people are against oral sex,” Walfisch says. For this reason, it is better to have an honest conversation with your partner about why this type of relationship makes him uncomfortable and hateful, so that the issue can be resolved easily.

Sexual dreams

Having sex with a student or teacher in sexual dreams

What does it say:

This dream can indicate a person who, for example, had a charming and narcissistic father, who deprived his child of constant attention. These people fantasize about the feeling of having a perfect relationship with an authority figure.

what should we do:

“If you’re also having this dream because you feel the need for an authority figure, take some time to figure out who you really love,” Walfisch says.

“Depending on your relationship with this person, and whether or not you’re still involved, maybe you can put it out of your mind, or maybe it’s better to talk to a therapist to work through your feelings,” she adds. do.”

Having sex in the bathtub

What does it say:

It is not uncommon for people to be turned on by the sight of an object and want to have sex there.

He explains: “For example, the shape of the bathroom shower may be similar Male penis be, or seeing a statue with a naked body can cause a lot of stimulation.”

what should we do:

As long as you or someone else is not harmed in the process, there is nothing bad, wrong, or unnatural about it.

Sexual dreams include inappropriate words in sexual dreams

What does it say:

Wallfisch says that this dream can happen to certain people who sometimes want to come out of their shell. They may unconsciously desire to be freed from their own and others’ judgments of themselves.

what should we do:

Walfisch says: “You too can make this dream come true and look for a way to bring these words into your relationship.” However, she warns that if your partner doesn’t deal with the issue, the habit of talking inappropriately is potentially dangerous. That’s why communication is the key to learning more about your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Sexual dreams

How to deal with your emotions

There is no need for your sexual dreams to be rooted in deep feelings or past events. And they may be tools to help you communicate your needs and feelings. Even if your dreams are clear, look for their meanings to help you become more aware of your inner feelings and desires.

Start taking notes

To get a better idea of ​​your pattern or recurring sexual dreams, keep a diary of your dreams and their details. After three to five notes, review the dreams and see what they have in common. If they indicate more intimacy, you may need to talk to your partner about your feelings.

Brito reminds us that dreams are just one way to communicate our feelings. Other ways to get in touch with your feelings include spending time with yourself, getting away from digital devices, and paying more attention to your body.

Scan your body

Brito also recommends setting aside time to journal about your day and allow yourself to connect with your soul and listen to your heart.

To start, she suggests setting aside 20 to 60 minutes for yourself, turning off your cell phone and computer, making some tea, and taking five deep breaths before the body scan.

“The body scan encourages you to notice what’s going on in your body, and then learn what emotions are in your body, like what if your body could talk,” Brito says. It tells you something.”

last word

Sexual dreams are a natural part of your life and subconscious mind. If you find that these dreams are bothering you, and they are happening a lot, you can seek the help of a psychotherapist to help you understand what is going on in your mind. Otherwise, take a deep breath and take your sex dreams seriously and use them to learn more about yourself.

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