Sexual fluctuations with obesity and thinness

If you have experienced a decrease in sexual desire and your married life is becoming cold, look for the cause in your obesity and overweight, because this has a significant impact on the decrease in sexual desire.

When sexual disorders occur, most people look for ways to treat them and identify the causes of each of these disorders, but the interesting thing is that maybe few people have realized that weight gain and loss can also affect sexual pleasure. be effective and they usually ignore it and do not pay attention to it. But according to the studies, it has been determined that weight gain reduces sexual pleasure, and this causes it to put sexual relations under its radius and create problems for married life.
Weight gain disturbs the blood circulation in the body, and then it affects the amount of secretion of some hormones and also reduces the amount of testosterone hormone secretion, which decreases the sexual pleasure of a person. also decrease.
Obesity also predisposes to type 2 diabetes, which is another risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that even moderate weight loss can help improve your sexual function. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that obese men who lost some body weight experienced an improvement in their libido.

Other studies have linked sexual pleasure in women with weight loss. A study conducted at the Perlman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that gastric bypass surgery to reduce weight (bariatric surgery) in obese women had tremendous effects on their sex lives. A group of researchers followed women after gastric bypass surgery and found that all of them experienced improvement in sexual function, including improvement in libido, arousal, and libido. The status of these women’s sex hormones, which is considered an important factor in fertility, had also improved.

After bariatric surgery, the surveyed women felt comfortable about their bodies and could easily achieve arousal and sexual pleasure. The same is true for men. The ability to wear smaller size clothes and improve muscle tone makes a person feel satisfied with their body condition and this leads to an improvement in libido. On the other hand, having more sexual intercourse by itself leads to a greater desire for sexual activity and creates a pattern of increased sexual pleasure.

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March 17, 2013 09:31

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