Sexual problem of most women

This marital problem is the unhappiness of most women, the reason for which is in the hands of women specialists, which we have explained to you in this article.

Dysparonia is a medical term meaning painful intercourse. This disease is basically a complication that affects women, but sometimes it also occurs in men.

In most cases, the causes of painful intercourse can be eliminated, even if it has lasted for a long time, but the person may still feel pain based on previous experiences after the initial cause of the disease has resolved. Painful intercourse is a common complication, and one-fifth of women may experience it at some point in their lives. In most cases, dyspareunia is a primary physical cause and should be addressed before attributing it to psychological factors.

Vaginismus is a severe form of painful intercourse caused by the unconscious contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. Although you may think that marriage should be a pleasurable experience, it can be a painful experience for you. You may be embarrassed to talk about this complication or think you have a serious problem with your brain or genitals, but the truth is that not all women are happy and painless at all times. In fact, many women may experience a marital relationship at some point in their lives for very common reasons. The medical term used for this complication is “dyspareunia”, which is defined as: having persistent or recurrent genital pain that occurs just before, during, or after intercourse and causes discomfort.
You should not avoid telling your doctor about this complication because there are treatments that can help eliminate or reduce this common problem in you. Researchers estimate that one in five women experiences genital pain just before, during, or after intercourse, but the location and frequency of the pain varies greatly.

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