Sexual problems and errors

What factors influence the occurrence of sexual abnormalities and sexual errors such as rape or sexual harassment?

Ali Nazeri said about the causes of behaviors such as sexual assault: “Although sexual assault can be affected by sexual disorder, a parenthesis must also be considered for it; Sometimes such behavior is not necessarily a sexual disorder, but a form of anger.
Before, talking about sexual issues was a kind of taboo. To the extent that these issues became problems that it was no longer possible to ignore them. Nowadays, the space for talking about sexual and gender problems has become more open and now it has become one of the most discussed issues in our country. The need to pay attention to these issues is due to the harm caused by lack of literacy in the field of sex. Public awareness can increase people’s sexual literacy. In this regard, the director general of the office of population, family and school health of the Ministry of Health has announced the establishment of marital and sexual clinics in 10 universities of medical sciences in the country.

The existence of sexual problems in the society has had an effect on the increase of divorces and tension in the relations between the two sexes, as well as on the general behavior of people; Sexual harassment in public places, rape of women, children and weak people, inability to establish proper emotional and sexual relationships, etc. are some of the effects of this problem.

Weak sexual health in Iran

Dr. Ali Azin, a specialist in social medicine and sexual health fellowship, said at a meeting of the Iranian Sociological Association: “Sexual relations are a complex issue in Iran, and we must make all officials understand that this is not a simple issue and cannot be decided simply.” We must pay attention to the fact that, for example, in any developed country, it is never said that we have been able to eradicate addiction or other social harms, but in Iran, we see that various strike plans are planned and implemented, and it seems that with such plans, all harms can be eradicated. destroyed We must be careful not to deal with sexual issues in such a way that if we do this, it shows that we do not have a proper understanding of this issue.

Sexual health, by definition, includes components such as feeling satisfied with one’s body, respecting one’s sexual orientation and that of others, respecting both men and women, not abusing sex, not accepting stereotyped sexual beliefs that exist in different cultures, and having a correct understanding of issues. Related to gender and sexual behavior, it should have respect for sexual rights, etc.

In a conversation with Ferraro, Dr. Ali Nazeri-Astaneh emphasizes the need to teach sexual health to people of different ages in order to have a sexually healthy society. Because the reason for many inappropriate behaviors in this field goes back to the educational roots of the society.

What is sexual health?

Ali Nazeri, a psychologist and sex therapist, said in the definition of sexual health: In general, sexual health is the sexual tendencies of a person’s sexual tendencies and behaviors in his mental frame. A person who can properly and without harming himself and others in this field and also addresses his sexual instinct according to the society’s culture has sexual health.

Enumerating the main branches of sexual behavior, he further stated: Sexual desire has different subcategories. Sex and sexual behavior in humans are divided into 4 main branches; Sexual desires, the ability to manifest sexual behavior, sexual tendencies and the satisfaction or fulfillment of sexual needs are the branches of sexual behavior. In any society, these branches should be provided for people, which of course depends on the educational and cultural structures of the society.

This psychologist further said: In this framework, some issues are known as sexual disorders and some other issues are known as sexual deviation; Sexual disorder, which naturally has consequences for the person himself and his relatives, includes sexual impotence, sexual satisfaction, etc., but sexual deviations include behaviors such as sexual desire for children, which will harm others in addition to oneself. Sexual deviations should be considered in the context of mental health illness.

sexual assault; From sexual dysfunction to mental illness

Ali Nazeri also said about the causes of behavior such as sexual assault: Although sexual assault can be affected by sexual disorder, a parenthesis should also be considered for it; Sometimes such behavior is not necessarily a sexual disorder, but a form of anger. A person who does such a thing can have personality disorders, and violence on his part may appear in other forms in addition to sexual assault.

Dr. Nazeri further stated: In general, sexual health should be considered a subset of mental health. Sexually abnormal behaviors (such as harassing others in public) are not necessarily caused by sexually transmitted diseases. The root of these abnormal behaviors should be found in education. Education, starting from childhood, causes the percentage and prevalence of abnormal behaviors to decrease. In our society, this reason exists more than any other, and of course there are also a minority whose behavior is considered a disease anyway and should be under the supervision of psychiatrists.

He continued: Sexual health and mental health cannot be separated. Someone who assaults others may have been unable to control their instinct, so this instinct can lead a person to the strongest and most violent behaviors in the sexual sphere. When this kind of behavior occurs from a person suffering from mental retardation, the people around him emphasize his lack of tact and say that he should be treated. However, the role of culture and nature is naturally important in the occurrence of such behavior from a large part of the people.

Referring to the role of clinics in educating and improving the sexual health of people, Nazeri Astane said: If there is going to be a clinic for sexual health, it should be done to educate and educate people. These clinics should not limit their activity to the treatment of specific patients and people.

In the end, this psychologist stated: Education should be given to people directly and broadly. Basically, it is said that after puberty is the best time to teach people about sex. But we should not ignore the role of education in childhood; Education, of course, should be done with great subtlety. Shame and modesty, self-restraint, inter-gender relations, etc. should be taught to them from childhood so that these behaviors are institutionalized within them.

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