Sexual reluctance with these factors

Why do couples suffer from a decrease in libido and how can they fix it? What is the best solution for this and what obstacles can be put in place to prevent this problem? Be careful that coldness does not dominate your life and your sex life. Don’t get involved!

Dr. Solmaz Tawanger, gynecologist and faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences – Decreased sexual desire is one of the problems that many couples experience at least once in a while. Do you know how to solve the problem in such a situation?

Why do people experience a decrease in sexual desire? Is there a relationship between decreased sexual desire and increased years of marriage? Many experts believe that as the relationship gets longer, the number of sexual relations between husband and wife decreases compared to the beginning of marriage, but this is completely normal and does not mean that people’s sexual desire decreases, but this decrease in sexual desire can have various reasons. Stay with us to get to know the most important reasons for decreased libido in both women and men.

Stress; Enemy number one
It is not bad to know that problems and pressures caused by work, economic problems, intellectual conflicts and other stressful things can cause a decrease in sexual desire. Of course, maybe you are among the people who are able to do your daily activities even under stressful conditions, but don’t forget that sexual desire and sexual activity are an exception to this rule. Therefore, to control stress, you must learn stress management techniques and avoid sexual relations in stressful situations.

obesity or thinness; The problem is!
Decreased sexual desire in a situation where you are not very satisfied with your body shape and it has affected your self-confidence is considered a natural but not very important thing. For example, shame for feeling overweight or too thin! If you notice this problem and discomfort on the part of your wife, it is not bad to give her self-confidence and eliminate this unpleasant feeling and help her to get rid of her excess weight in order to gain self-confidence over time. .

Aren’t you close?
If you feel that your intimacy and emotional connection have diminished, it is better to spend some time to feel more emotional closeness, because sex without intimacy reduces sexual desire, and in fact, intimacy has a significant effect on improving sexual relationships. You need to learn how to express love without having sex. In such a situation, talking, hugging and caressing can be effective. On the other hand, the occurrence of problems and differences in common life can also cause a decrease in sexual desire after marriage. Also, constant arguments and arguments, weak emotional connections and betrayal of loyalty are among the effective obstacles in creating intimacy and can severely affect sexual desire.

Habit instead of love
When you have lived with your partner for a relatively long time, your sexuality gradually becomes more relaxed. This is not a special issue and in fact you get used to the way you live after a while. To solve this problem, it is enough to make a little change in your life and be sure that by changing your habits, your sexual desire will increase. Do not forget that these changes can be physical and behavioral.

Childbirth versus sex
There is a misconception that becoming a father or mother causes a decrease in sex drive, but this is not the case at all. Rather, having children will only limit your time and affect your intimate relationship to some extent. This is despite the fact that many women experience a decrease in libido long after giving birth, either due to hormonal issues or physical problems, but this issue is temporary and will be resolved with time. It is not bad to sometimes get help from close family members and entrust them with the care of your child and spend time to revive your marital relationship. One of the most important solutions is to have sex with your wife when your child is sleeping.

Male problems
Inability to have an erection is one of the common sexual disorders in men, which reduces sexual desire by itself, but a person suffering from this problem suffers from a decrease in sexual desire due to concern about the ability to perform sexual activity. If you have such a problem, you should visit a urologist and be sure that the problem can be easily treated.

Medicines that destroy libido
Many drugs, including blood sugar lowering drugs, antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, birth control pills, chemotherapy, etc., are effective in reducing people’s libido. Therefore, if you are taking a certain medicine and have experienced a decrease in libido, be sure to discuss this issue with your doctor without any shame, because libido is one of the natural needs.

When the problem is hormonal
You must know that testosterone increases libido. Along with age in men, the amount of this hormone decreases gently. It should be mentioned that this male hormone is also present in women and affects their sexual desire, but the hormonal balance of women has a much more complicated mechanism than that of men, and many factors play a role in this field. If you don’t have a valid reason for your decreased libido, you can go to a specialist to be examined in terms of hormones.

Do you lack sleep?
If you feel that you are very tired both physically and mentally and you don’t want to have a relationship, give yourself some time to regain your peace and be sure that if you have sex in such a situation, it will not be fun for you. Of course, the role of lack of sleep cannot be ignored because lack of sleep, physical and mental fatigue can reduce your energy to zero and reduce sexual desire. Even waking up early or going to bed late can both be problematic. Therefore, coordinate your sleeping time with your wife and get enough sleep during the night.

Menopause and reluctance
Many women experience a decrease in sexual desire as they reach menopause and decrease the amount of sex hormones, and in fact, the symptoms of menopause, including vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse, also make sexual intercourse difficult. But this is only part of the reason. As women age, they lose a little self-confidence and think that they have lost the necessary attraction in this relationship, and this feeling can cause problems.

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