Sexual satisfaction of the wife

How will it be possible for couples to have sexual satisfaction with sex? What are the factors that influence the dissatisfaction of the parties? How should this problem be faced and prevented?

Until about a hundred years ago, perhaps many women and of course their husbands thought that they were not supposed to enjoy sex in a sexual relationship. But little by little, the information and research conducted showed that women can enjoy a sexual relationship like men and experience a stage during it that is not similar to ejaculation in men.

At this stage, which is called orgasm, the woman has reached the peak of sexual pleasure and the feeling of pressure she felt until that moment, she releases it and achieves a kind of relaxation with release. Although there is more information about this issue these days, there are still women who are surprised to hear such a thing after several years of marriage.

Because they have not had such an experience during these years. This group of women may only notice discomfort and residual pressure after each intercourse. When a woman is in such a situation for at least six months, she has an orgasmic disorder.

To investigate the issue of orgasm disorders, we must first have a correct understanding of the sexual cycle in women. The sexual cycle in women usually has four stages. Arousal, the climax stage or the continuation of the relationship, orgasm and the subsidence stage. In the arousal phase, the woman is stimulated and then enters the continuation phase of the relationship.

In these two stages, women usually feel pressure in their pelvis and sexual organs, which disappears with the experience of orgasm. After that, the person enters the decline stage. Of course, a woman may also experience orgasm without experiencing the first two stages, but usually, orgasm occurs after passing the first two stages.

two categories; Primary and secondary

In general, not experiencing orgasm can happen in two ways. The first condition, which is more common, is when a person does not experience orgasm in general. For example, a woman may have been married for many years, and apparently there is no problem in having sex, but in all these years, she has not experienced an orgasm during sex.

The second case is when the woman has experienced orgasm before, but now due to physical changes or other issues, she is unable to experience orgasm in the same way as before. The most common reason for this condition is aging. Because, in general, the experience of orgasm in women decreases with age. But in addition to those hormonal changes, the use of some drugs or new psychological issues can cause this problem.

For example, some women may experience orgasm to a much lesser extent during breastfeeding and as a result of the increase in prolactin hormone, which, of course, returns to the previous state at the end of this period.

Effective factors in the occurrence of problems

Several factors can cause problems in a woman’s marital relationship and prevent her from experiencing orgasm. For example, physical health is one of the prerequisites for experiencing orgasm in sex. The meaning of physical health is the regulation of hormones, the absence of infection in the pelvis, etc. To ensure health in this area, every woman can visit a gynecologist.

But the fact is that some women, despite being perfectly healthy in this area, still do not experience orgasm. Because only physical health does not guarantee such an experience and many psychological factors can also be involved in this matter.

Individual psychological factors

In general, sex in women is much more influenced by their mental state than men. For example, a small amount of anxiety can even sometimes cause problems for a woman’s performance in this field. But in addition to anxiety, some mental disorders such as depression are among the most important obstacles for women to experience sex and of course experience orgasm.

But in addition to such changes in the mental state, sometimes the woman’s personal beliefs can be an obstacle to the experience of orgasm. For example, some women think that a specific woman is not going to reach the peak of pleasure in sex because they define it as self-deprivation.

In addition to false beliefs, sometimes previous unpleasant experiences in sex can also contribute to problems in this field. For example, experiencing a sexual relationship with a lot of anxiety on the wedding night can be an obstacle for a long time to experience a relaxing and enjoyable relationship for a woman.

To solve this part, you can get help from a psychologist who also has good information in the field of sexual issues. Because in many cases, it may be necessary to talk about sexual issues and your beliefs in relation to them in parts of the counseling session, and what better way to talk to someone who has good information in this field.

Psychological factors caused by communication issues

The fact is that in a joint life and to experience a pleasurable sex, having a good relationship with your spouse is doubly important for women. In fact, men can enjoy sex with their wives even when they have problems with them, because men’s sexual performance is much less dependent on their psychological issues compared to women.

When spouses are in trouble and the tension in their relationship has increased for any reason, the possibility of experiencing good sex for women is greatly reduced. In fact, for women, sex is a reflection of the relationship with their spouse in general, if the relationship with their spouse is good, their sex can be enjoyable, and if the conflict is high in general, the peace and pleasure also come from the bedroom. will close

Of course, as mentioned, a good relationship with a spouse “can” lead to good sex, but this does not always happen, why? Because there is another factor involved, namely sexual awareness and skills.

Skills and knowledge required

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, usually, the sexual cycle in women has four stages; Arousal, the climax stage or the continuation of the relationship, orgasm and the subsidence stage. In many cases, not going through the stages of arousal or continuing the relationship can lead to problems in the third part or the orgasm itself. For example, one of the most common problems in this field is that men usually experience arousal and orgasm (known as ejaculation in men) in a much shorter time than women.

While women need much more time to arouse and continue the relationship, as a result, in many cases, before the woman wants to achieve pleasure, the relationship is over in the opinion of her husband! Of course, this situation is mostly seen when the man does not know about the sexual cycle in women and as a result, he does not make an effort to make his wife enjoy the relationship.

If you don’t have much information in this field, you don’t need to be ashamed. Because in our society, many people do not have information in this field, because they have not seen education related to it! But to solve the issue, it is better to go to a sex specialist and ask him for help to introduce you to good scientific sources that can improve your information.

To obtain information in this field, pay attention to a few points. Unofficial videos available in the market or internet content without a specific author sometimes only create or intensify misconceptions in people. So take some time to choose a trusted specialist.

Although gynecologists can assure you that you have no problem physically and to have sex, they usually cannot provide you with information about the skills necessary for sex. Accompanying two spouses in visiting a specialist can often lead them to the goal sooner and solve problems.

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