Side effects affecting the complication of colds

Did you know that stress will aggravate your cold? We have brought you the most important side effects of this disease in this article.

Are you one of those people who catch a cold very quickly and with the first cold wind? In this case, you have probably gotten into some habits that make the cold worse. But it is enough to put aside some habits and pay more attention to the health of your body.

In this article, we will learn more about the seven conditions that expose you to colds in autumn and winter.

You are full of stress

Of course, you do not catch a cold with an immediate stress. But if you are constantly in a stressful situation, such as work pressures, family problems, heavy social tasks, etc., do not doubt that your body is weak and prone to colds.

Research published in Psychology Today shows that stress plays an important role in weakening the body’s immune system and reducing its ability to fight viruses and germs.
Researchers believe that sleeping less than six hours a night prepares the body for disease

Researchers believe that cortisol, or stress hormone, damages the immune system, which means that when you are under stress and mental and physical stress, you are 90% more likely to get sick.

You touch your face regularly

When you touch your face, that is, when you scratch your nose, peel dry skin from your lips, rub your forehead or eyes, you transfer germs on your fingertips to your face.

When your hands or fingers come in contact with the mucous membranes of the body (mouth, nose or eyes), germs simply enter the body and make you sick. So it is better not to scratch your face too much, especially with dirty and dirty hands.

You insist on shaking hands with everyone

We all get involved in social and work relationships. But it is better to know that this polite work can provide the ground for the transmission of germs. How do you know if your friend or coworker sneezed or coughed a few seconds ago, or worse, did not catch his nose? So you do not have to shake hands with any stranger or acquaintance. Especially if you feel prone to colds, apologize and avoid it.

According to researchers, about 80% of diseases are transmitted through handshake or hand-to-mouth contact.

You wake up

If you do not get enough sleep and you wake up for everything, you should know that you are exposing your body to diseases.

According to researchers at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleeping less than six hours a night prepares the body for the disease. According to these researchers, the probability of getting sick with each hour of sleep deprivation increases.

Researchers have found that people who regularly sleep only six hours a night are 40 percent more likely to catch a cold.

Also, in people who sleep less than five hours a night, this probability reaches 45%.

You expose yourself to germs

It is true that you cannot see germs without the naked eye, but you should know that they are everywhere, on door handles, stair railings, cell phones, on steering wheels, and everywhere. These surfaces are contaminated with germs, so you need to wash your hands thoroughly before eating.

If you are in contact with a sick colleague or your child is sick, wash your hands regularly. Remember to always wash your hands thoroughly before cooking.

You also work when you are sick

We all have tasks that we have to do during the day. Having a strict boss or employer makes this problem worse. Unfortunately, we live in a world where going to work in the days of illness and bad mood is a sign of conscientiousness and hard work.

But the fact is that every employee who goes to work in a bad mood causes germs to infect 50% of most areas of the workplace within four hours. In fact, it not only harms one’s own health, but also the health of other employees.

Do not clean your hands thoroughly

When washing your hands, repeat the letters of the alphabet from A to under the lips. Most adults wash their hands quickly and without sufficient care. While this not only does not help to improve health, but also increases the risk of colds and illness.

According to health experts, proper hand washing is the use of soap and rinsing it with water for at least 20 seconds.


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