Side effects of continuous consumption of low-fat milk

What effects does consuming low-fat milk have on our health, what changes does it cause in our body, does it make us susceptible to diabetes? And what are the side effects of consuming too much low-fat milk?

Many people replace low-fat milk with normal and high-fat milk with the aim of losing weight or for other reasons. Maybe it’s a good idea to use low-fat milk instead of full-fat milk, but low-fat milk should not be substituted for normal milk, which has enough fat and in a moderate amount.

Harvard University scientists researched various dimensions of low-fat milk and the results of their research showed that processed dairy products are not suitable for health and many preservatives and additives have been added to them. In addition, dairy products contain flavoring and sweeteners and increase blood sugar.

The substances and sugar in them can increase the risk of some diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disorders, swelling and local pains. On the other hand, these substances introduce high calories into the body.

For this reason, dairy products and low-fat milk are recommended in most cases, but the truth is that the lower the milk fat, the more sugar and additives.

Similarly, milk with more fat has less sugar and additives. It is highly recommended to consume milk because it is rich in calcium, but it is also very important to pay attention to its fat and sugar content.

20 February 2014 21:05

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