Side effects of reduced sense of smell

If you are in middle age, it is better to be aware of the symptoms of dementia and if you observe them, treat and control them. One of these symptoms can be a decrease in the sense of smell. Loss of the sense of smell can be a great risk for Keep your memory healthy. Take care of this.

The first thing you can notice from the early signs of Alzheimer’s is loss of sense of smell, cognitive impairment and forgetfulness.

In a study of 1,400 elderly people aged 79 and over, researchers tested different odors, including bananas, turpentine, onions, gasoline and thinner, on volunteers. In this study, 250 people had mild cognitive impairment, which was associated with memory and recognition problems that could be signs of dementia, and finally 64 people had symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

People with worse cognitive problems scored worse on the olfactory test.

“This test can be very helpful in early detection of dementia and prevention of Alzheimer’s,” said neuroscientist Rosebad Roberts.

People with Alzheimer’s have been unable to detect or misdiagnose odors.

“Every olfactory problem is not related to dementia or Alzheimer’s, but people with chronic sinus disease or respiratory problems also have olfactory problems,” said the study’s researcher.

I have to say; The link between sense of smell and dementia requires further research, and 10 to 25 percent of the elderly are estimated to have Alzheimer’s.

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