Side effects of sleeping too much on holidays

It is better to adjust your sleep pattern and do not allow it to be disturbed. Obesity and overweight is one of the harmful consequences of sleep disorders. Our suggestion is not to sleep too much on weekends.

Changes in sleep patterns during the week can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Based on this, a study of 447 people has been studied. Eighty-five percent of these people slept late at night before the holiday and woke up late in the morning. Findings of this study based on the criteria of body mass index and waist size showed that sleep disorders are associated with the risk of metabolic syndrome and susceptibility to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

In addition, disrupting your daily sleep-wake routine can lead to sudden weight gain and obesity, as well as blood disorders.

Researchers believe that just 2 hours of change in daily sleep patterns over the weekend is enough to cause a variety of health problems. These experts recommend that people wake up on the weekend as usual and relieve their tiredness only with short naps during the day.


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