Side effects of tea, coffee and alcohol

One of the side effects of tea and coffee is that they increase urinary activity so that they reduce body water. Many tea drinkers may also react to this water loss by excreting more water. If they prevent frequent urination, they may have more serious and complicated problems with blood pressure.

Nicotine is one of the most dangerous drugs that is widely used today. Smoking has been recognized as one of the most important factors in unavoidable deaths in the United States. According to the report of the death control center in America, this statistic reaches 15.6% in 1984, which states that the total deaths of 320,515 people are related to smoking. In the past decades, three heads of the committees have separately ordered to ban tobacco. Unfortunately, due to the increase of drug addicts and the fear of taxes that they cause, no government is able to take a logical step in this direction. Smokers put themselves and others at risk of lung and heart cancer and respiratory diseases. Smoking also increases the risk of liver, pancreas and cervical cancer. In connection with these conditions and the amputation of damaged legs due to the effects of smoking on the blood vessels, continuous bleeding, this matter is of interest to the health centers of the countries of the world. Due to the lightening of the ominous shadow of this scourge in the West and the cessation of smoking, cigarette manufacturing companies have increased their exports to the third world, where health education has not practically spread. The results are completely predictable and like most drug behaviors are very beneficial.
The physical consequences of nicotine that trap addicts and provide them with problems in quitting smoking. Nicotine is the only drug that produces both relaxing and stimulating actions, and at the same time helps alertness, which reduces anxiety and fatigue. There is no doubt about the power of the drug because many people who are addicted to cigarettes are also addicted to heroin.
Alcohol is another killer, although it is somewhat soothing. It is accepted that alcohol kills 100 to 200 thousand people in the United States every year. And this is while we drink more of it every year than the previous year. Most people died from the direct and long-term consequences of alcohol poisoning and liver problems. Alcohol in the body has secondary consequences, such as: reduction of body water due to excessive stimulation of the kidneys and adverse effects of dietary vitamins. Metabolism of alcohol apart from the pressure it can put on the liver and the hangover you create, the liver has to bear a lot of temporary pressure due to alcohol and other toxic substances that appear from drinks.
Alcohol prevents the work of nerve receptors and reduces the ability of mental forces, it has an effect on our honesty and special bias. One of the restraining forces is anxiety; Alcohol creates a little arrogance in us so that we imagine we can do things better than they are, making us lose concern about how or the results of things. Although we may not realize it at that time, in principle, the power of recognition has been lost, the balance in our movements is disturbed. This is one of the causes of road accidents. Alcohol can also lower the social barriers that naturally control sexual instincts, allowing them to engage in sexual assault and sexual misconduct freely. In general, alcohol, although its use is accepted and encouraged nationally in some societies, but its harm is no less than marijuana, whose use is prohibited.

June 21, 2014 10:53

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