Signs of hair damage

The most characteristic symptoms of damaged hair are rough texture, high permeability, dryness and brittleness, generally due to damage to the cuticle surface of the hair shaft. The reason for this problem can be considered to be wind, dry shampoos and chemical drugs, as well as hair styling methods with heat and environmental influences.
By using conditioners that are pH balanced and rich in protein and moisturizing ingredients, you can soften the cuticle layer of your skin and protect the hair shaft from further damage. It’s important to use a good, moisturizing treatment every week until the texture is healed.
Sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose the problem of hair flexibility and sensitivity to fragility. Healthy hair can grow up to 150% of its natural length – without breaking, and return to its original state. The best sign to recognize the lack of elasticity of the hair can be seen in your brush.
Do you collect a lot of hair from it? Do you have to clean it often? Well, this shows that your hair has a brittleness problem. The best treatment for it is to use conditioners that are a rich source of protein or a weekly treatment with protein that increases the resistance of the hair shaft.
Hair that absorbs and holds the pigment, or has a spongy state and has a matte state when wet, all of these indicate the permeability of the hair. Some people think that when the hair reaches this level of vulnerability, it is easier and better to cut off the damaged hair to let the new hair grow. However, this may not be a good option, so it is better to take good care of your hair before it gets damaged.


April 30, 2015 19:03

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