Silicone injection; Risks and complications of silicone injection

What do you know about silicone injections? Have you ever used this substance to bulk up your body? Is using silicone for lip or cheek augmentation a complication? In this article from the section Beauty, skin and hairDr. Salam, we will study silicone injection and its side effects, and we will study and analyze its safety. Stay with us.

Discussions about silicone injections continue

Liquid silicone injections are a very controversial topic, and we hear exciting news that celebrities have made mistakes about their beauty. At the same time, some doctors believe in the benefits of injecting liquid silicone as a filler between the skin or highlighting the lips. Is it safe to inject liquid silicone for cosmetic purposes?

Liquid silicone injections have been welcomed and used by people and doctors for more than 50 years to increase and strengthen the softness of skin tissue and symmetry. Most doctors find silicone injections too dangerous for face makeup, and for this reason the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved it, but there are doctors who are legal and with Successfully, they use this method.

Opponents of using liquid silicone injections for cosmetic purposes have reported some complications such as granuloma and pneumonitis. Although such events are rare, they are important and significant.

Silicone injection

Risks of silicone injection

Although it is not yet known whether silicon causes systemic disease, many studies have shown that it can be potentially problematic. For example, the reaction of granulomatosis to liquid silicon can be delayed for several months to several years after surgery and is often resistant to treatment and associated with cosmetic diseases. Silicone fluid can move from a predetermined location and cause local inflammation on the tissue, including pressure on nearby nerves that can affect the sensation and movement of facial muscles.

In addition, quality is one of the main advantages of silicon that attracts customers, its durability and survival is one of its biggest responsibilities. If the desired result is not achieved, it is impossible for the liquid silicon to be destroyed without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Silicone injection

In other words, proponents of silicon refer to it as a neutral chemical compound that is easy to use and has long-term, low-cost results compared to other injectable bulking agents available. Liquid silicone injections have also been used for decades to fill acne scars, heal areas of the face affected by AIDS-induced lipoatrophy, or even for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Another plausible reason for proponents of silicone injections is that liquid silicone injections increase and strengthen tissue softness, while the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends using silicone for injections into the skin of the face, injections into the eyes. Not approved for the treatment of detached retina and for lubrication of ampoules for subcutaneous injection. Technically, liquid silicon was injected in very small quantities by anyone who could get it in any shape, and that’s how it became famous.

Silicone injection

According to proponents of silicone use, the most significant side effects of silicone injections are usually due to the high volume of the injection or the presence of industrial, counterfeit or counterfeit materials. They also point out very quickly that many reports in the media and even some medical journals have failed because between the injection of medical-trained medical silicone by physicians using the Microdroplet technique and the injection of large volumes of Industrial products are not distinguished by those who do not have a formal, non-specialist license.

It is important to note here that both opponents and proponents of this practice consider the use and injection of liquid silicon to be dangerous in certain cases, unconditionally. Their first objection is the injection of large amounts of liquid silicone to strengthen parts of the body such as the chest, calf muscles and buttocks.

The second main reason is to get us to something that is not possible and acceptable, and that is the injection of industrial (non-medical) silicone or its injection by unlicensed and inexperienced people. This type of action is always accompanied by undesirable and often dangerous results.

People who magnify and Lip augmentation They use silicone injections, they should know that this substance causes inflammation in the lips, which is accompanied by pain. Unfortunately, this substance can not be easily removed from the lips because it penetrates the skin and flesh. You may also have asymmetrical lips and face due to the movement of silicone under the skin.

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