Simple therapeutic solutions to get rid of flatulence

What foods are effective in causing bloating in the stomach? How can we prevent bloating in the stomach? What are the medical and nutritional treatments in this regard? We want to tell you about the natural treatments recommended by traditional medicine. It is very painful in the intestines and digestive system


Flatulence is a condition in which the abdomen becomes tight and full of gas. This problem is one of the most common gastrointestinal symptoms that occurs in women more than men.
Cold-tempered stomach causes bloating. Cold-tempered stomach has symptoms such as indigestion and digestion of very light foods and indigestion of heavy foods, sour stomach and tendency to consume cold foods.

Causes of bloating
* Eating more than the daily requirement or in other words overeating causes the stomach to be very full and does not digest well. This causes pain and bloating in the stomach.
* Drinking fluids during meals and not chewing food well are also causes of bloating.
Sometimes an empty stomach can also cause bloating.
Other causes of bloating include insomnia. Not resting increases the temperature of the stomach and the lack of proper digestion of food in the stomach, as a result of which the person feels the pain caused by bloating.

Excessive movement after a meal is also a cause of bloating.

Control bloating with traditional medicine
* The best food to treat bloating is to consume “chickpeas” with cinnamon and saffron. In this way, cook the desired amount of chickpeas with water and add spices to it and consume it. Of course, water chickpeas can also be cooked with some meat.
Keeping the abdomen warm is also a way to improve bloating. In this way, these people warm their stomachs with a bag containing millet or salt or bran in such a way that they put the bag containing these substances in a warm place such as an oven or microwave, for 20 minutes to half an hour on their stomachs to warm the stomach. However, this is useful in improving many gastrointestinal symptoms.

* It is recommended that these people do a lot of exercise and endure hunger and thirst as much as possible.
* Eating ground mastic (mastic, gum or yellow resin juice that is taken from the branches and stems of shrubs of the pistachio family) with sugar and belly oil with oils such as black seed is useful to relieve bloating.
If you have a lot of bloating, you can mix 2 tablespoons of ground angelica with 2 tablespoons of candy powder and drink it with spring orange sweat.
* Ways to eliminate digestive disorders, especially Blowing The stomach can be consumed with some medicinal and traditional herbs such as cumin, fennel, angelica, cardamom and thyme.
* Cinnamon is also widely used to treat digestive disorders such as bloating.
Ginger is also effective in treating stomach aches due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Of course, it should not be forgotten that ginger is dangerous for people with high blood pressure.
* Carrots also strengthen the stomach, which can be eaten with food.
* Mint can also be eaten dried in yogurt and buttermilk or as a syrup with food because it reduces Blowing The stomach helps.
Basil consumption is also recommended.

What are flatulence?
Excessive consumption of moist foods such as cucumbers and squash can lead to bloating.
* Some foods such as lentils and beans are also spontaneous نفاخ are.
* It is not bad to know that according to traditional medicine, discolored and smelly foods can also cause bloating. Why? Because according to traditional medicine, the feeling of the stomach is very strong. That is, he enjoys fragrant foods and hates colorful and fragrant foods. Forced entry of discolored and odorous foods into the stomach will interfere with their digestion and cause bloating.

* Generally people with Blowing They should avoid pickles, cold water and bloated foods.

If you bloat a lot

* To reduce bloating, you can mix about 30 grams of castor oil in 180 grams of anise sweat and rub it on the stomach.

* If you have a lot of bloating, you can mix 2 tablespoons of ground angelica with 2 tablespoons of candy powder and drink it with spring orange sweat.


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