Simple Tips for Improving Heart Disease and Sex

* Normally, after the end of the illness and the feeling of heart recovery, you can have your normal marital activities. But it is best to ask your doctor or nurse about when to start and how often.
* Increase your natural humor. Add some laughing salt to your life. Think about the early days of your acquaintance and try to bring vitality and freshness back to your relationship like in the good old days, especially it is very important to pay attention to this point about people with cardiovascular diseases. To begin with, you can use the jokes of the newspapers and be sure to start laughing after your spouse tells you a joke. Use and enjoy the time you are together.
* Reduce your extra excitement and tension as much as you can. Try to release your limbs completely and keep your body in complete relaxation. Extreme body relaxation is important in this regard.
When your heart attack improves, you may want to pay more attention to your pulse rate, breathing, or muscle tension, which is normal and should not worry you. You and your spouse can feel romantic together without feeling any physical pressure. Expressing emotions consumes a small amount of energy, and you can maintain these brief connections immediately after leaving the hospital.
Avoid sexual intercourse when you are sick or in pain. During pain or illness as a whole, the body produces substances of its own. The secretion of these substances can minimize any sexual arousal, so it is better to relieve your pain first and wait for the best opportunity.
Say kind words during the day and do not try to hurt your spouse with negative words. For example, do not use words such as selfish, stubborn, reckless and overbearing. If you want to have a good day and a sweet life, address your spouse with romantic and stimulating words.
* Keep your sexuality fresh. The best way to keep your sexual freshness is to give time to love. Know that for two people, sex should be the ultimate expression of interest in each other and not a marital duty or a factor of physical satisfaction. You should use sex to purify your soul and love, not to get rid of a physical condition. Sex is a powerful tool in the service of the soul to express interest, not a means to create a fun bell… So let the attraction of love force you to have a relationship and not physical stress. In this case, your spouse will not be repeated to you at any time and you will always be in a state of peace.

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