Simple ways to exfoliate the skin and maintain its health

Scrub means rubbing and removing the surface layers of the skin. Depending on the skin type, the scrub is usually done once or twice a week and daily it can damage the skin.

According to Health News, skin scrub removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, removes impurities from the pores of the skin and makes the skin soft and supple.

By scrubbing and removing impurities from the surface of the skin, your wrinkle cream, face cream or acne solution will work more effectively than before, because it allows penetration under the skin cells and the dead cells will not prevent the nutrients from reaching the skin. Was.

Dr. Shahla Inshayeh, dermatologist and hair specialist “Some scrubs are currently available in the market as detergents containing coarse particles,” he said.

“These coarse particles are mostly composed of apricot kernels. People wash their skin in a circular motion with these scrubs, which cleanse the fine and coarse grains of the skin and help open the pores of the skin. In the past, bleach was used to exfoliate the skin.

Depending on the skin type, the scrub is usually done once or twice a week and the scrub damages the skin daily.

Skin scrub means superficial peeling of the skin (horny layers and dead skin cells) which is different from peeling. Exfoliation is a general term that includes the deeper layers of the skin. Of course, deep peels should be done by a doctor and people should not do this type of peeling arbitrarily.

“It is better to use exfoliating creams under the supervision of a specialist, because in many cases there is no need to use exfoliators at all, and it remains to be seen which dermatologist will decide which exfoliator to use.”

The correct method of skin scrub

Get the right skin scrub product

Always choose the best scrub. Of course, this does not mean the most expensive type, but the most suitable for your skin. There is a huge variety of scrubs in stores today that make it difficult to choose the right scrub from all of them.

You may have to try several different products to find out which one is best for your skin. You need to get two types of scrubs: one for your face and one for your whole body. The pharmacy is the best place where you can get the right scrub for your skin.

Put the scrub in the bath

Put your scrub in the bathroom near the shower or bath. Only then do not forget to use it and as a result, your skin will retain its radiance.

Use the scrub on damp skin

Wet your skin before using the scrub. This allows all the ingredients in the scrub to come in contact with the skin of your face and body, thus making your skin very soft and supple.

Scrub gently

Apply the scrub to the skin and gently massage your skin. Avoid massaging separately and be careful not to rub the scrub around the eyes. Areas of the face that can be massaged a little more firmly include the forehead, nose and chin.

Apply the scrub in a circular motion

Start the scrub with small circular massages on the skin and do not leave any spots on your skin. Start the scrub from your face and then gradually scrub your whole body. Do not forget your knees and elbows. For large parts of the body, you can use large circular massages.

Pay attention to the points where you scrub

When scrubbing your skin, pay attention to sensitive areas of the body such as the breasts and lower torso, neck and face. The skin in these areas is more sensitive, so you should massage these areas more gently. Put more pressure on the skin of the knees, elbows and legs, because the skin on these parts of the body is thicker.

Use a towel

In cases where your skin is very thick and thick, massage the scrub with a towel on your skin to get a better result. Although the fiber is something like a sponge (pictured above), its texture is thicker than a sponge and does not soften like a sponge when wet. You can get the towel from pharmacies or where they sell toiletries.

Wash the scrub

When your body scrub is done, do not leave it on your skin for a long time, because your skin will be very dry and itchy.

So wash your skin well. Make sure all the scrub material is removed from your skin. When all the ingredients are thoroughly washed, you will have soft and supple skin.

Dry your skin

Dry your skin with a soft, very gentle towel and continue with the products you use daily to care for your skin.

Use lotion

After the skin scrub, apply a large amount of lotion on your skin. Also use face cream on your face and neck. The lotion should be used directly after scrubbing. This way, your face will be moisturized and dry.


– Sometimes in deep hairdressing, deep peeling is done, which is wrong.

– Do not use peelers at the suggestion of friends or through advertisements, because in this case the skin becomes vulnerable.

– Remember that scrub is not fun and if it is not done carefully and correctly, it can cause serious damage to the skin. Some people use scrubs excessively and violently, causing damage and scratching of the skin.

– For more effect, treat your skin gently and away from any violence. The effect of exfoliation is long-term and patient, not intensity or speed. With excessive use of scrubs, the skin becomes shrunken and in worse cases, the skin will become very thin and brittle.

Use the scrub only once or twice a week. Using it every day will lead to skin damage, your skin will become dry and rough, and if you have sensitive skin, it will definitely get worse results.

– Do not scrub after removing body hair, because after cleaning body hair, the skin becomes very sensitive and at risk of irritation.

Always use sunscreen after exfoliating and removing dead skin cells (except at night), as the skin will react to light.

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