Sin like a solarium and cancer !!

Fashion and beauty have a lot of fans these days. Some people are desperately looking for ways to become more attractive, and they do it anyway. However, some of these methods have not been approved at all and its dangers and harms have been warned many times. Some people use a solarium to tan their skin. Researchers have found that the risk of cancer after using a solarium is higher than the risk of smoking.

A new study shows that solarium-related cancers are more common than smoking.

According to Health News, scientists estimate that the number of people with skin cancers after using a solarium is higher than the number of people who get lung cancer due to smoking.
“If you sleep in a solarium, your chances of developing melanoma (a dangerous type of skin cancer) increase by 75 percent,” says Dr. Lisa Rhodes. “If melanoma grows and you do not notice it soon, it may metastasize and spread throughout the body, and there is still no good cure for the melanoma that has spread.”
The study, published in California, was published in the journal American Medical Association – Dermatology.

Source: Health News

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