Sinus headaches and its symptoms

Your sinuses are air-filled spaces inside your forehead. The cheekbones and back of the bridge of the nose, when inflamed, usually produce more sputum due to allergic reactions or an infection of the swollen sinuses, and their drainage channels become blocked. Pressure in the sinuses causes pain and headaches.

Symptoms of sinus headaches:

You will feel a deep and constant pain in the bones of your cheek, forehead or bridge of your nose. The pain intensifies when you suddenly move your head around. At the same time you may have other sinus symptoms such as runny nose, a feeling of fullness in your ear, fever and swelling of the face.
Other types of headaches such as Migraine Or Tension headache They may be confused with sinus headaches. Your treatment depends on the type of headache you have. If the cause of the sinus obstruction is an infection, you probably also have a fever. If your sinuses are blocked based on the symptoms described and the physical examination, your doctor may recommend medication and, in some cases, a scan.

Treatment of sinus headaches:

If you have a headache, the goal is to eliminate your symptoms and Treatment of infection is. You may take antibiotics as well as antihistamines or anticonvulsants for a short time. You can also use inhaled decongestants such as nasal sprays for just 3 days as prolonged use can make symptoms worse. If you have pain, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids to reduce inflammation in your sinuses. If your sinus allergic reaction worsens, you need preventative treatment.

You can also use simple tricks at home such as: drinking more fluids, using a moisturizer or nasal saline spray. In most cases you may be taking painkillers and anticonvulsants. You may have a headache due to overuse. It is important to consult your doctor if you are taking medication for a long time to relieve pain. Anticonvulsants can also raise your blood pressure, so if you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor before taking the medicine. In rare cases, sinus surgery may be performed to remove the polyp, open small sinuses, or cause persistent swelling.

Allergies and sinus headaches:

Allergies can cause sinus congestion and damage the head. Allergies can be treated, but getting rid of allergies does not relieve the headache.

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