Skillful varnishing techniques

We teach the secrets of varnishing and manicure quite skillfully. As we know, the most important principles in manicure are scraping, brightening and cleaning the skin around the nails, then washing hands and varnishing, which we will explain in the following.

Many women are familiar with the grief of losing a great manicure. For 2 or if you are very lucky 3 dream days, you feel like a wonderful lady. That soft, thin layer of paint on your fingertips gives you a sense of dignity and femininity.

But when you see it: pouring a little bit of lacquer is like your dreams are falling apart. Like Cinderella, her carriage turns into a pumpkin when she sees it. This may not be so dramatic, but it still makes us rush to the nearest beauty salon for a manicure or do our own night manicure operations, which usually do not end in satisfactory results.

But it is possible. You can do a professional manicure yourself. It’s a little time consuming and requires the right tools, but thanks to the ladies at the Fix Beauty salon in Manhattan, we, and you now, know the secrets of a professional manicure!


1. Scratching

Place your nail file just below the nail. So that it is between the skin of your fingertip and the underside of your nail. Pull the nail file in one direction with short, firm movements across your nails. To make your nails rounder, slip the razor under the corners of the nail and scrape the corners with a curved motion. Always scrape the nails in one direction and do not use back and forth movements. Scrape until you reach the desired shape and length.

۲. Shine

Take the nail polish or buffer like a razor and rub it on the top of the nail with short and gentle movements. Start at the cuticle and reach the tip of the nail. Shine in the same direction.

3. Cuticles (skin around the nails)

You can use both a cuticle softener and a regular body lotion (Note: body lotions work best after a bath or shower). Apply the lotion to the cuticles around the nails and rub them with your index finger. After the cuticles have softened and come down, gently dab on them with a regular buffer, or nail buffer.


4. Washing and preparation

After softening the cuticles, wash your hands and remove any excess material around and under your nails.

5 main layers

Use a colorless nail polish or nail polish remover. Place your thumb as a support under the nail you want to varnish (and if you want to varnish your thumb, use your index finger as a support).

Start the base coat of nail polish from the top of the nail and next to the cuticles. Let the tip of the brush spread on your nails as you approach the tip of the nail. Always start from the left side of the nail and go to the right. This way you can be sure that you will not miss a single point.

6. Color selection

This part is fun! Use any color you like.

7. Prepare your pen

Dip the lacquer pen into the bottle. Then pull out the brush while pulling the brush to one side. Without re-varnishing the brush into the can, pull the other side of the brush to the opposite end of the bottle: Do this firmly so that the lacquer brush blows.

After each removal of the brush, clean it with the edge of the bottle. The main purpose is to press the paint to one side of the brush. If you do this correctly, your brush will become a little solvent. It takes practice, but it’s the secret to a professional manicure!


8. The first layer of lacquer

Secure the underside of the nail you intend to varnish with your thumb. (If you are varnishing your fingernails, do so with your middle finger). Start at the cuticle of the nail and place the tip of the brush on your nail and press down. Allow the brush to spread on your nails and take on the shape of a fan. Then pull the brush towards the tip of your fingernail. Start at the left side of the nail and work your way to the right.

9. The second layer

After applying the first layer to all your nails, you can apply the second layer. Repeat steps 7 and 8.

10. Cover the nail head

After applying the second coat of varnish, go to the left tip of your nail and draw your brush along the edge of the nail. This is to keep the color longer on the nails and extend the life of the manicure.

۱۱. The last layer

Follow step 5 and apply a coat of nail polish dryer. There is nothing more frustrating than having your nails die all night, and waking up in the morning with scars on your nails!

It’s over, wait for your nails to dry, then enter the world and enjoy your beautiful nails! If you know a tip and trick for varnishing, be sure to share it with us in the comments section.


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