Skin and hair problems are caused by dirty brushes

When our hair falls out or we feel itchy on the scalp, the first thing we do is to replace another shampoo and think that the hair loss is due to the side effects of the shampoo we are using, while contaminated brushes and brushing style are not among the factors. It is very important in relation to hair problems

This issue, like washing your hands daily or drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, may seem so natural, normal or even trivial that sometimes we don’t pay much attention to it.

Now it’s time to spend a little more time and pay more attention to this issue.

1- Combing from the root to the tip of the hair

Combing Pulling the hair from the root sometimes causes hair breakage or pulling hair strands from the follicle.

Try to start combing from a few centimeters above the tips of the hair and gently untangle possible hair knots. Then come a little higher and comb this part and slowly comb the hair part by part. until you reach the roots of the hair and then gently comb this part as well.

Be kind to your hair.

2- Combing wet hair

The moisture in the hair fibers causes tension in the hair, and since wet hair is more sensitive and weaker, combing it in this state may causehair loss to be

after washing hair with a towel and gently take the water from the hair and as much as possible without using hot heating devices, let the hair dry in the open air and by itself. Now comb them gently.

3- Untangling hair knots with an inappropriate comb

Detangling hair, whether wet or dry, with improper combs and short teeth is difficult and can lead to hair damage and breakage.

It is better to use longer and larger combs for this.

By the way, before combing the hairFirst, according to your hair type, use a detangling product. In this way, if your hair is fine, with hair spray, if your hair is medium thick, with hair lotion, and if your hair is thick, with hair cream, make the surface of the hair a little slippery and softer, and then slowly comb them gently.

4- excessive combing of hair

As you know, combing and massaging the hair is extremely useful and effective for the growth and health of the hair.

Instead of constantly combing your hair, try to focus more on the quality of combing.

5- Using a contaminated brush

Don’t forget, along with all the factors that damage the hair, using a comb and a contaminated brush can be one of the important factors in the occurrence of problems related to the skin and hair.

Brushes and combs, after a few days of use, will be a place for shed and plucked hair and remaining substances such as gels or conditioners, and when you comb clean and washed hair with it without washing, in fact You will transfer all the pollution to your skin and hair.

Once every day, and if you have oily hair or use a lot of gels or styling products, wash your comb and brush well with warm water and a little shampoo every day, and then place it on a clean towel to Dry completely.

Since sometimes too much brushing may cause hair friction, first apply a little hair spray or a few drops of hair oil on your shoulder and then gently comb the hair with it.

Take care of your beautiful hair.

Source – Meh Shu

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