Skin and heat

If you want to take more care of your skin against the heat, we recommend that you use some effective methods and do not let the heat damage damage your skin.

Parviz Tusi, a dermatologist and hair specialist, said: “Taking care of the skin and maintaining its health in the hot seasons of the year is primarily to prevent direct sunlight on the skin. By using sunscreen and protective clothing to prevent sunlight on the body.” ‌ درصد A significant percentage of this issue can be controlled.

He added: “It is recommended to use cotton clothes and relatively loose to prevent skin blemishes and irritation on the surface of the skin, and when the sweat of burns occurs, keep the body cool and wash it with cold water.”

He acknowledged that in order to control the possible dryness of the skin in the hot season, it is necessary to use plenty of water and also salty liquids such as buttermilk to replace the salts that are excreted from the body through transpiration.

He added: “It is better to use waterproof sunscreen when going to outdoor pools to protect the body from the sun’s rays.” Also use shampoos and soaps that help control skin oil to reduce damage to the skin surface.

He pointed out that dry skin can be controlled with oily creams such as Vaseline, adding: “It is better to use a moisturizer with a very low fat percentage to remove these dryness, because if the face has pimples and acne.” These fats are very harmful in increasing it.

In the end, he added: “Apart from all these skin care products, aloe vera mask can be used along with skin moisturizers to hydrate the skin surface.”

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