Skin blemishes

What are the causes of dark skin spots and how can we fix them? What are the recommendations of experts in this field?

Parviz Toosi, a skin and hair specialist, said in relation to dark spots and skin spots: These dark spots occur mostly in the area around the lips and forehead, which have a very dry texture.

He added: Most of these dark spots have a genetic origin and are more visible in people with dark and so-called green skin than in people with light skin.

Pointing out that spots cannot be considered as a skin disease, he added: Among the different treatments that exist for skin health, treatments such as laser or microdermabrasion are considered suitable options for removing these spots. took

In the end, he reminded: There are no ways to definitively treat these spots, and to prevent the increase of these dark spots on the face, you can use sunscreen creams suitable for each skin, so that the amount of these dark spots can be significantly reduced. .

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July 4, 1395 16:12

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