Skin care tips for people working in tourism and hotel management ….

the doctor Sirisha Singh, Founding member Consultant Center Skin، With 8 Years of experienced work experience In England Is. the doctor Sirisha Singh A well-known name Is the final Process anti-aging Medicine and Follows the skin. She the coach LUMENIS Is And regularly To physicians Other the door Use of lasers The skin gives training. the doctor Sirisha Singh Especially to Injection anti-aging As Botulinum Is interested.

tourism industry Prosperity A lot in The last two decades Has seen And number Working people In this industry Also To Have increased dramatically. However, Special problems These people can have skin. Persons working in This industry mostly Long hours and the door Shifts Irregular they are working. the night Long And destroyedکردن the watch Biologically Body On the skin Reflects this fact . Persons working in This industry almost always They should have a neat appearance and pink makeup .Long working hours, Stress Is related to work And Continuous use of Makeup Heavy Bad impact Lays on the skin. The purpose of this article Empowerment professional With Knowledge required skin care Self In order to decrease Damage to Skin and reduce speed The aging process Is the skin

1-Awareness of Type Skin : This is a good idea Is that Know your skin type because it helps a lot in choosing the right products for the skin . you can Determine your skin type when Morning You wake up Look in the mirror People with greasy skin A face Glossy, Persons With skin hybrid Nose Glossy and People with skin Normal Or dry They do not have any glow on the face. More Indians One Skin type hybrid have

2-Cleanser: Cleansing the skin is one of the most important steps in daily skin care. Cleansing should be done twice a day, preferably with cold or lukewarm water. If you have oily skin, you should use cleansers containing alpha or beta hydroxy acid. If you have combination or natural or dry skin, it should be a neutral and pH cleanser. At night, it is better to clean your face twice. The first round of cleansing to completely remove makeup. The second round of ordinary cleanser

3-Humidifier: Everyone needs it It has a moisturizer (This includes People with It is acne).Humidifier during the night Used. This To Hydrate SkinHelps to The wound heals overnight. People with greasy skin And Acne The need for a Humidifier ژلی And People with skin Dry Usually The need for a lotion They have a moisturizer. The moisturizer you use should be fat normal Have and not be too oily

4-Sun protection: We all know That light UV The most important factor Helping getting old Is the skin. Sunscreens Effects Injury را Decrease Data And as a result Speed They delay the aging process. the door tourism industry lamp halogen Lightness of UV Publish. Crew Aviation Often in front Solar flames Are located Short courses when Burst of the light UV In the atmosphere There is. thereforeVery important Is that of Sunscreens At all Use throughout the day Regardless of this Whether you inside Plane or You are outside . One can SPF Choose

5Lip care: Continuous use of Lead And sucking it Cause Drought لب Becomes You should use a special moisturizer for the lips. If your lips are scaly and dry, first remove the dead layers of skin with a soft cloth, then use a lip moisturizer..

6-Skin care products To the eye: The skin around the eyes That is usually Thinner It wrinkles and gets damaged sooner . Can be one Ointment Use a moisturizer. many of worms ی Vitamin As Vitamin C And vitamins K Is that can Can be useful

7. Problem Skin: If you have skin problems, do not follow the advice of friends and colleagues. It is better to seek help from a dermatologist in these cases. After your history is prescribed for you according to the analysis of the drug

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