Skin care with a variety of cosmetic creams

We recommend that you be careful when using cosmetic creams and determine the amount of your consumption and do not harm your body by overdoing it. Take the important recommendations seriously and seek the help of dermatologists in this field.

Cosmetics are almost expensive these days, and most people prefer to use them for a longer period of time when they buy an expensive cream. Consume the required amount may not have the necessary effect on the skin, we have tried to tell you in this article how much you should use each product so that the effect is seen on your skin and you have not used too much.

Moisturizing creams

Required quantity: about 2 peanuts

How to use: Hydra-Soothing fluid, a non-greasy moisturizing milk, repairs and nourishes skin with shea butter and apricot kernel oil. Apply the same amount of moisturizer on the neck so that the skin in this area also gets the necessary moisture.

“When the skin is slightly moisturized, the moisturizer penetrates better into the pores of the skin. In addition, glycerin can trap moisture in the skin cells and prevent it from being lost,” says Dr. Neil Sadick, a professor at Will Cornell College of Dermatology and Hair. “Let it be.”


Required amount: the size of a soda can

How to use: When you want to use the cream powder, you should be careful that the cream powder gives a uniform color to the skin and does not split on the face. Then spread the cream with your fingers first on the forehead and nose, then apply the rest of the cream on the cheeks and chin. If your neck becomes a color, the heat of your fingers warms the cream, and as a result, the cream spreads better on the skin and shows itself more evenly. “If you do not want to use your fingers to apply the cream powder, I suggest using special cream powder brushes,” says Fabiola, one of the make-up artists of commercial cinema.

Eye cream

Required amount: the size of a pea

How to use: Usually one of the most expensive creams is eye cream, so you probably do not want it to run out too soon and you will have to incur a high cost again. You should remove about a pea of ​​the cream, then apply a quarter of it under the eyelid from the outside to the inside.

“Moving from the outside to the inner corner of the eye helps to disperse the subcutaneous fluid that causes puffiness under the eyes and prevents puffiness, but when applying the cream on the upper eyelid, the opposite should be true,” says Dr. Mary Lupo, a professor at Tulan College of Medicine. “Move in the direction, that is, apply another quarter of the cream from the inner corner above the eye to the bone under the eyebrow, that is, actually move from the inside out, use the same instructions with the other half for the other eye.”


Required amount: 3 grapes for the whole body

How to use: It is necessary to use sunscreen all year round because the sun’s ultraviolet rays are always present and the skin must be constantly protected from them, especially the face and hands are always exposed to the sun, but we want to introduce you to the general principles of sunscreen. Introduce to use according to the situation and season, for example, if you want to apply sunscreen all over your body, to do this, you must divide the skin of the body into 3 parts and use a moisturizer for each part at least the size of a grape seed, ie grape seed The first is for the legs, the second is for the upper body and waist, and the third is for the arms, face and neck, so for this season, just using one cream is enough. Your skin is well protected from the sun’s rays. Be sure to renew your sunscreen every 2 hours.

Hair conditioning creams

Required amount: if you have fine and thin hair ‌; A small coin, if you have thick hair; As big as a coin

How to use: Hair styling creams usually make the hair slippery and sticky, and if used too much, it will make the hair look greasy and dirty. How much of these creams to use depends entirely on the sex and texture of your hair. Apply these creams first on the palm of your hand and then spread on the hair. Use your hands to spread the cream all over your hair; It is better to start the creaming from 5 cm from the roots, then gather the hair so that the cream is rubbed on all the hairs (close the hair in a ponytail position). Focus on the ends of the hair so that the bottom is also in good condition. If you want to use the cream on dry hair, apply the cream more on the upper hair to make it look better.


Amount required: for long hair; The size of a fairly large biscuit and for short hair the size of a small round chocolate

How to use: There are many people who like to use a lot of shampoo, but those who buy expensive shampoos probably prefer to have to buy a new shampoo later, if you are in this category, we suggest a biscuit or a size for your hair Pour round chocolate shampoo on the palms of your hands and then apply on the scalp, it is better to gather the hair on the scalp so that all of them are impregnated with shampoo, you should focus more on washing the scalp rather than the hair shaft For this reason, you do not need to apply a lot of shampoo on the delicate and brittle ends of the hair.

Eye creams

Required amount: the size of a small capsule

How to use: Dark circles under the eyes is one of the most common problems that many people suffer from. Use it as it may lose the uniform color of your skin and your cream will soon run out, as small as a small capsule can completely cover these black circles, but there are two ways you can use these creams, one is about half a small capsule on your fingers Apply and then apply on the skin under the eyes from the inside of the eye to the outside.

Another way is to slowly apply 3 small dots on the lower eyelid using a small brush – one dot in the middle, one dot in the inner corner and one dot in the outer corner – now you can spread these dots with your finger and apply on the skin, then If you see a spot under the blue eye (bruising of the eye), put another spot of cream on it and apply. To make the face more natural, you can also apply a little powder on it.

How much toothpaste should we use?

You do not need to completely soak the toothbrush in toothpaste like in TV commercials. Too much toothpaste can prevent you from brushing your teeth. Just adding toothpaste the size of a pea is enough and you can brush your teeth thoroughly with this amount. The important thing in keeping your teeth clean is how to brush properly and completely.

If you want to have healthy teeth, brush patiently for five minutes and be careful to brush all parts of the teeth. With more toothpaste, you can not have whiter teeth. Although children’s toothpaste does not contain fluoride, it is best to avoid swallowing it by reducing the amount of toothpaste on their toothbrush; These chemicals can have side effects for children.

Fluoride is harmful to children and may even cause poisoning. So always advise your children to put less toothpaste on their toothbrush. Don’t forget that toothpaste is forbidden for children under the age of two, and you should only use a toothbrush without toothpaste to clean your child’s teeth. You can also use flavored toothpaste for children older than two years.

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