Skin rejuvenation tricks

There are several tricks you can use to look younger. Just take some time. You can make a fundamental change in your face by using moisturizing creams, shaping your eyebrows, self-decoration and whitening your teeth.

Getting 10 years younger is not a difficult task, just take a little time for yourself. In this article, we will tell you how you can make yourself much younger with these methods.

The aging process is a process that can not be stopped altogether, but it can be slowed down and delay the aging process. Read the rest of the article to see how much you can rejuvenate yourself with these few simple solutions.

Straighten your eyebrows

One of the easiest and fastest ways to rejuvenate in a few minutes is to make up and trim your eyebrows. The rule is: the more natural the eyebrows, the younger you will look. Clean and beautiful eyebrows make the eyes more beautiful.
Clean under the eyebrows, cut the raised hair with small scissors and with the help of a soft eyebrow pencil pull them up slightly. Also trim long nose hair. It is not very beautiful that the nose hairs have grown out of the holes. Be careful not to use tweezers to pluck this hair, because the hair inside the nose is a natural filter to trap germs and environmental pollution and protect us against colds and other diseases. Just cut the long hair with small scissors.

Apply moisturizer

One of the secrets of looking younger and fresher is to make your skin look hydrated enough. No need for expensive foreign creams. Simple moisturizing creams also relieve dry skin and prevent wrinkles from becoming more visible.
If you want your skin to look clearer in a few minutes, apply a moisturizing cream. But make sure your fingers are clean. Do not apply any cream to the skin with dirty hands and fingers. This transmits germs and bacteria to the skin and causes pimples and herpes. First, wash your hands and face and dry gently. Then apply enough moisturizer.

Skin rejuvenation tricks

Put your hand on your head and face

Gently apply makeup at home in ten minutes to make you look younger for several years. Thick and bold makeup draws everyone’s attention to wrinkles and facial lines first of all. Use brown instead of black eyeliner. Apply a beige or pink shade. Do not use dark and bold shades, as they show older age.
Remember that eyelashes also get shorter over time. It is better to use lifting mascaras and only mascara the upper lashes and avoid applying mascara to the lower lashes, as this will make you look a few years older. You can even make a homemade fruit mask with the simplest combination of honey, egg white and a few drops of lemon before applying it and keep it on the skin for a few minutes.
The most important thing after any makeup is to clean it. In 2013, a Daily Mail reporter decided not to remove her makeup for a month in order to perform an experiment. Researchers compared the condition of her facial skin before and after the test and concluded that the reporter was 10 years older.
Another point to look younger is to use appropriate clothes. Women who wear thick make-up and at the same time wear dark clothes look older than their age. It is better to choose the right color of clothes according to your type of makeup. Using soft light colors will make you look younger and fresher.

Do not forget the blush

Applying the right blush is a simple way to look a few years younger. There are different colors and tones of these products on the market today. So you can choose the right blush to suit your skin color. It is better to use colors such as pink that will give your face more freshness. Remember not to use too much powder cream, as it will suffocate the skin and make the wrinkles around the eyes clearer.

Use a lip canvas

Dry and cracked lips make you look tired and old. Lip liner helps to moisturize the lips and maintain their beauty. There are many lip balms on the market today that also have a volumizing effect and make you look younger.

Skin rejuvenation tricks

Take care of your hands

Most women are so busy with their face that they neglect their hands. Remember that hands reveal your age. Therefore, the skin of the hands is as important as the face. Hands are usually more prone to injury and you need to take special care of them.
Be sure to apply moisturizer to your hands. Grasp your nails and scrape. Remember to apply nail polish around your nails to prevent them from cracking and flaking. Being tidy makes you look younger than your age.

Find your teeth

Clean white teeth make your smile more beautiful and make you look a few years younger. There are several ways to whiten teeth. If you want to have whiter teeth in 10 minutes, trust natural methods.
Rinse with apple cider vinegar before brushing. Let apple cider vinegar remove stains and clean your gums. Pour some baking soda on your toothbrush and brush your teeth gently. Of course, you should not do this on a daily basis, as there is a possibility of itching and irritation of the gums.
You can use this method to whiten your teeth for up to two weeks. Remember that excessive use of whitening toothpaste can cause serious damage to the enamel in the long run. These products contain baking soda and silica and have high abrasive properties.

Change your hair style

If you are in the habit of always combing your hair to one side or you have not changed your hairstyle for several years, create a little variety. Even changing the hair and changing its shape will make you a few years younger in a few minutes. Remember that long hair is more prone to frizz and even turns two colors due to sunlight.
You can shorten your hair a little and change your hair color. If your hair is small, blow dry it upside down while drying it. Before combing your hair, be sure to get rid of hair that is stuck in the brush or comb. Remember that brushes are nests of materials such as tufts, gels, oils or dead skin and dandruff.

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