Smoke facial skin and these effects

What effects can incense on the skin of the face have on it? What changes occur in it by eating the face. Incense with what substances has a greater and better effect on our skin.

You must have heard about the benefits of using incense, there are different opinions about using incense and some people believe that using incense can even help treat acne and pimples. There are special incense burners that are used in hairdressing salons and hairdressers also recommend the use of incense to customers. Incense can be useful for treating some skin problems such as eczema and provide adequate moisture to the skin. Some herbs can also be used in incense and nourish the skin. If you also like to use incense for your skin, be sure to read this article.

What effect does incense have on the skin?

When the skin is exposed to water or water vapor for a while, it naturally absorbs moisture. The wet bath, pool and sauna all moisturize the skin. For example, if you are in the bath for 10 to 15 minutes, enough moisture is absorbed by the skin and when we leave the bath. You feel that your skin is clearer and fresher, but this skin condition disappears after a short time and your skin becomes the same skin as before, and because you can not go to the bathroom several times a day, you have to hold this skin, but to have this clarity. And freshness There is a good and simple solution and that is to use incense.

The use of incense is also a very practical solution in the dry climate of Iran. The incense that is sold in pharmacies comes in two forms. Leave the devices on the skin to absorb the moisture it needs, the steam of these devices is hot and even hot, which can be harmful for youth and freshness of the skin for a long time, and the best way to use this device is not to put the face directly on the fumigator.

How to use the device?

If you use this device to moisturize the skin, you should repeat this 2 to 3 times a day to moisturize your skin, but due to the busy schedule and life in today’s industrial society, most of you do not have time to do this 2 to 3 times a day. Do. So it’s better to find a more practical solution to protect your skin as well as your daily chores and activities. This solution has long been found to be the use of fumigators that you can place in a corner of your home or office space to generate steam for you 24 hours a day.

These incense burners can be used in the form of hot steam and cold steam in the environment and you can use it in any season of the year. If you smoke for 24 hours in a bright environment, about 70 to 80% of the moisture will be added to your space and you will reach the moisture that your skin needs to be refreshed. In addition, incense cures many skin diseases such as eczema and utopia because the treatment of these diseases is to increase the humidity of the air and unfortunately those who suffer from these diseases are children who are very easily treated with incense.

Eat and boil relationship!

Some people believe that using incense helps to get rid of pimples, but doctors do not recommend this because when you moisturize your skin, it will certainly become narrower and more likely to become blocked, so it may not only be pimples but also pimples. Rather, more pimples appear on your face, so using incense is not a way to treat pimples.

Named Keeper!

Now that you have moisturized your skin, you should try to keep it moisturized. To keep your skin hydrated, you should use lubricating and moisturizing creams, so that after moisturizing your skin, when you feel your pores are closed and your skin is clear with Depending on your skin type, use these creams.

Liven up the skin with herbs

Some women who use cosmetic incense pour herbs into the tank, such as chamomile flowers to clear the skin and rose hips to soften the skin, but doctors reject this because the outer skin in the Exposed to this vapor is a dead tissue and these plants can not affect this outer layer; The clarity and freshness that you feel after using these herbs is the same as the water vapor that gives your face, although these drugs are useful for some lung diseases.

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