Smoking, the main cause of bladder cancer

Dr. Hossein Fodazi, an oncology radiotherapy specialist, said: Bladder cancer accounts for about 8% of all cancers in men and 2-4% of women’s cancers.

Regarding the symptoms of bladder cancer, he added: the presence of blood in the urine is very significant, so if you see blood in the urine, you should see a doctor immediately. The most common symptom of this cancer is the presence of blood in the urine, as well as heartburn and frequent urination are among the initial symptoms of bladder cancer. The symptoms of bladder cancer are very similar to the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, but as the cancer progresses, the symptoms of the disease become more widespread and with pelvic pain, swelling lower body, weight loss, pain in the back or lower back, and bone pain.

Regarding the risk factors of this disease, Fodazi noted: the prevalence of bladder cancer is higher in men than in women, and people who use cigarettes and tobacco are more susceptible to this disease. Some people who have special jobs, such as chemical industry workers , paint, rubber, petroleum materials, leather and printing are more involved in this disease than others. Frequent and long-term infection, long-term urinary retention is one of the important factors in bladder cancer.

Avoiding smoking, avoiding exposure to breathing chemicals and drinking plenty of fluids can reduce the risk of bladder cancer in people. The foods you eat, a diet high in fat and fried meat increases your risk of developing the disease.

There is an infection called “schistosomiasis”, which is a type of parasite that grows in the bladder and is considered one of the risk factors for this disease. Frequent bladder infections and a history of bladder stones predispose a person to bladder cancer. raises

This oncologist said about the treatment of this disease: Bladder cancer treatment depends on the spread and progress of the disease, and the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the easier and sooner it can be treated, but if a person ignores the symptoms of this disease, The cancer has become more widespread and may reach the lungs and liver, in which case the patient may die, but in the initial stage of the disease, it is completely treatable.

In patients whose disease has spread to other parts of the body, they are treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy instead of surgery.

In the end, he warned: Smokers and those who use tobacco and drugs should know that bladder cancer is more advanced in smokers.

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