Solutions to prevent food poisoning

Food poisoning is a serious danger to people’s digestion, so prevention should be at the top of our plans. In this article, we want to introduce you to important tips that should be used to prevent food poisoning. Consumption of leftovers, especially cooked meat and fish that have been cooked for more than 2 hours, can easily lead to the entry of toxic bacteria into the body.

“Cancer is a type of genetic disease,” said the doctor, who specializes in blood and cancer.

He continued: “Long storage of food, especially cooked foods left overnight in the refrigerator provides the best substrate for the growth of environmental microorganisms and their absorption, and after these foods enter the digestive system, their activity to cause food poisoning in the body.” starts.

The head of the Iranian Society of Internal Specialists, noting that fish poisoning is much more dangerous than other foods left in the refrigerator, said: “Cooked fish meat, with its high ability to absorb germs, spoils faster.”

Emphasizing that food should be eaten either hot or very cold, he said: “The process of cooling food in the refrigerator is time consuming and due to the favorable conditions for the growth of some aerobic bacteria, keeping food in closed containers inside the refrigerator does not have much effect on reducing poisoning.”

He added: “Therefore, freezing, serious prevention of reheating more than once and avoiding storing cooked food in the refrigerator, even in restaurants, are the most important ways to prevent food poisoning.”

Khosronia said: “Given that most food poisoning in the first few hours is accompanied by a slight dizziness, nausea and sometimes vomiting, it is very important to seriously prevent self-medication and take the poisoned person to the emergency room or internal medicine specialists, because Attention to this leads to the release of toxic substances in the body, the deterioration of the patient and the difficulty of the treatment process.

Source: Iran Khabar

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