Solving common problems of women in marital relationship

Some women have problems in their sexual and marital relationship, which makes their desire to have this relationship less, we want to find solutions for these people.

Dr. Frank Tayyabzadeh, gynecologist and obstetrician, regarding the effect of feminine hygiene gels, said: The use of these gels is only for disinfecting the vaginal parts and is not intended for treatment, and it is recommended that if a person intends to use these gels, they should First, treat your diseases such as infection and fungus.

He added: “Using these health gels has a positive effect on eliminating infections and bacteria.”

He further said: The use of these gels is external, and sometimes excessive consumption may cause allergies such as dryness and burning.

In the end, he said: It is recommended to use these gels every day, especially before and after the swimming pool, and it should be known that in case of allergies, the use of sanitary gels should be stopped and a specialist should be consulted.

December 12, 2013 14:08

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