Some basics of asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that is caused by several factors. Allergic allergies, especially before the age of 30, are the most important cause and desensitization can be Be very effective. Nervous states Depression, stress and panic can not only be the cause of the disease, but always aggravate the symptoms. It goes without saying that patients change their mood due to drug dependence and persistence of symptoms, and may become defective during the cycle.

Asthmatics go through different ways to get health and refer to different doctors and more or less cope with their diseases. Iranians value diet and believe in warmth and coldness because traces of the body of traditional medicine are remembered.

The purpose of this tutorial is to make the reader aware of the symptoms and conditions of asthma. Patients who have known asthma have no doubt realized this fact.

It is therefore necessary for them to deal with it in a logical way, and to act in the right way so that they can be in a position to counter the attack of the disease. The main cause of asthma is the contraction of air cells, which is accompanied by mucosal swelling and excessive secretion. An asthma attack appears as a painful breathing. Especially when exhaling, which is accompanied by wheezing.

The disease often begins in childhood and is less common in middle age. Asthma occurs at a relatively young age in men and women, but is more common in men than women in old age.

Hereditary factors play a large role in causing the disease, but the presence of this condition does not make treatment impossible.

Stress and discomfort are also associated with the disease, smoking anxiety and air pollution are aggravating factors of this disease. Over time, recurrent seizures, bronchial strictures, and emphysema are complications of the disease. Asthma is not fatal, with proper treatment and adequate medication, the patient’s health is restored. In the cold months of the year, the incidence of asthma is higher because the body can not neutralize the ambient cold by producing internal heat, so the structure of the mucosa is done in large quantities and excreted.

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