Special diseases that cause extraordinary power

Always when a disease is mentioned, all thoughts go to bad and unpleasant conditions, which are often very dangerous. Of course, there are some diseases that give a person superhuman powers and many people wish they had this disease.

1- Not having a sense of fear

The rare genetic disease “Urbach-Wiethe” is a disease that makes a person have no fear. So far, 300 cases of this rare disease have been identified and a quarter of them were in South Africa. The most famous person who has this abnormality is an American woman who, despite the efforts of researchers to scare her in various ways, have failed in this task. They tried to make him feel afraid by giving him very poisonous spiders and snakes, showing him very scary movies or keeping him in the houses of living elves, but they did not have the slightest success in this matter. Even when someone attacked her with a knife at night and another case when someone tried to kill her in her home, this woman did not feel fear. The only reason he survived in both cases was because he didn’t process fear and didn’t have that feeling at all inside him.

2- Insensitivity to cold

In addition to the fact that some people do not feel any pain, there are also people who do not feel the cold. For example, Wim Hoff is a Dutch man who is unaffected by the deadly cold. He floated in a chamber of ice for 120 minutes, climbed to the top of Mont Blanc with nothing but underwear and even swam in frozen rivers. Experts believe that his case is also very rare and of course congenital, but Wim attributes his talent to the training he had.

3- The ability to do anything

Savant syndrome or savantism (Savant syndrome) is a very special condition in people with neurodevelopmental abnormalities; For example, people with autism or Asperger’s syndrome. People with this condition usually have a unique and strong talent in music, painting, mathematical calculations, drawing or drawing 3D models. Savans can perform complex three-digit calculations very quickly or tell you the name of the day of one of the weeks of the year just by knowing its daily date. For example, Stephen Wiltshire drew a detailed and detailed map of the city of London with just one flight over the city.

Many people call the Savans geniuses and undoubtedly these people have talents that may belong to other Koreas. Despite all these talents, such people may have mental retardation or any other learning problems compared to their peers. Forrest Gump or Raymond Babbitt in the movie “Rain Man” are clear examples of Savan.

4- Not feeling pain

Congenital analgesia is a condition in which a person does not feel any physical pain. Despite the rarity of this particular syndrome, 40 examples of it have been reported in just one village in Sweden. At first glance, this strength seems superhuman because no mental health And it doesn’t make a person’s appearance a problem. The only problem is that the person does not feel any pain or will feel only a simple touch. The danger of this complication is that the affected person may not notice the disease that is causing the pain. This complication is especially children It would be dangerous that they might hurt themselves, hurt their eyes, bite their tongue or break their bones while playing without feeling pain.

Strong memory

5- Incredible memory

Hyperthymesia is a condition in which a person remembers many past life experiences in incredible detail. There are only 60 people in the world with such a characteristic that they can tell the complete details of their daily events, even their childhood days. They can remember line by line the contents of the books they read years ago and will easily tell you the news of the past years. People who suffer from this disorder cannot express their memories in an unrealistic way or forget things that they do not like to remember or that torment them.

They remember everything and nothing will be missed in their mind. Rebecca Sharrock is an Australian author who remembers having a pink towel wrapped around her when she was only 7 days old. His memory is unparalleled and he will recite from memory any book he has read before without missing a single word. But he does not consider this condition to be a gift from God or a great blessing, and complains of frequent headaches, insomnia, and getting tired very quickly.

Source: Khabar Online

19 December 2016 16:39

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