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From the beginning of history, various spices and herbal additives have had a fixed place in the Iranian table, and the delicious taste of Iranian food depends to a large extent on them; But one thing that many of us may not be aware of is the effect of the type and amount of spices consumed on our overall health. In fact, these herbal supplements and spices, in addition to flavoring food, can have a direct impact on our health. For this reason, we decided to prepare a list of alternative spices for you in this article from Dr. Salam, which, along with having a similar taste, can help increase health or prevent some diseases.

For weight loss: red pepper instead of black pepper

– Black pepper is in the recipe of many foods and is used as a mild bait; But if you are looking to lose weight, it is better to replace black pepper with red. Red pepper with its fiery red color and spicy taste stimulates the body and simulates similar stress conditions. As a result, your appetite is reduced and your calorie intake is reduced. Red pepper also increases your body’s fuel and metabolism, and by consuming it, your body consumes more energy faster, which can help you lose weight in the long run. To achieve the desired result, you should add about half a teaspoon of this pepper to your desired food. Of course, keep in mind that overeating can also be detrimental to your digestive system and overall health, so do not overdo it.

To improve memory: rosemary instead of thyme

Thyme is one of the most popular and of course high-quality spices that is used in many foods, from traditional foods to fast foods. A good alternative that you can use instead of thyme is rosemary. Rosemary improves blood flow to the brain, and research shows that it can improve memory. This spice can also increase your lifespan.

For more antioxidants: Sweet pepper instead of cinnamon or nutmeg

– This spice, which is obtained from the fruit of the Jamaican sweet pepper tree, has a sharper taste than other spices used in sweet foods; But sweet pepper contains four times more antioxidants than nutmeg and is even richer than cinnamon. If you are looking for more flavor than sweets, you should know that sweet peppers contain an oil called eugenol, which is also found in basil leaves; So you can easily use sweet pepper in foods that basil is in the recipe and do not worry about changing the taste of food.

To relieve joint pain: Basil instead of mint

– Speaking of the properties of basil, it is not bad to know that fresh basil leaves contain natural oils that have anti-inflammatory properties and are ideal for those who suffer from joint pain and osteoarthritis. In fact, inflammation is the main cause of most pain in patients with osteoarthritis, and therefore the use of this herb can significantly help reduce the pain of this group of patients. In addition, eating more basil can help keep your bones healthy; Because it has more minerals for your bones than peppermint. One teaspoon of dried basil powder contains twice as much magnesium and about 10% more calcium than the same amount of peppermint. Do not neglect after basil.

To improve the mood: turmeric instead of ginger

– Although ginger tea is fragrant and has a good relaxing feeling, but in order to improve your mood for a longer period of time, it is better to go for a hot drink with a little turmeric. The antidepressant properties of turmeric have long been known and can significantly help improve your mood and maintain it throughout the day. It used to be thought that depression was caused only by a lack of a neurotransmitter called serotonin, but today we know that the story is much more complex. In modern medicine, depression is thought to be caused by factors such as internal inflammation, free radical damage, and changes in stress hormones. One of the ingredients in turmeric, called curcumin, can bring all of these factors back to normal.

To balance blood sugar: Cinnamon instead of cloves

Clove and its extract are one of the types of herbs with strong anti-inflammatory properties, but if you want to balance your blood sugar, use cinnamon instead. The compounds in cinnamon improve the absorption of glucose by the body’s cells and also delay the passage of food through the stomach. For this reason, it lowers blood sugar after eating and increases your overall energy, concentration and mental strength. Using this spice only at the rate of one gram per day can give you all its useful properties and you can use it in food or with hot drinks such as drinks and tea.

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To combat aging: Parsley instead of tarragon

Both of these vegetables are good additions to sauces used with chicken or fish; But if you want to delay the aging process of your body, it is better to replace tarragon with parsley. This fragrant and aromatic vegetable belongs to a special group of foods that accelerates the production of certain proteins called sirtuins in the body. These proteins help the body’s cells live longer and thus delay the aging process.

To balance the body’s hormones: Spicy mint instead of regular mint

Drinking two cups of spicy mint tea a day for a month can reduce testosterone levels in the body and the growth of excess hair in unwanted areas such as the face; But this is not the only advantage of this alternative; Spicy peppermint contains higher levels of a substance called rosmarinic acid than regular peppermint, and research has shown that it has antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-allergic properties, and can help raise your threshold for seasonal allergies, especially in the spring. .

Source: Dr. Salam

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