Sports prescription to treat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can have a negative effect on the sexual relationship of people. On their self-confidence, self-satisfaction, and most importantly, the feelings of their counterpart. Some couples even their work leads to separation. In some people, it even affects their mood so much It has a negative that they may have erection problems. Therefore, people try to solve this problem and sometimes they do things that unfortunately can cause regret in the long run. So if you did exactly what was said and it didn’t work at all, then you can go to the general doctor to do the tests and if necessary, be referred to other specialists.

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder among men under the age of 40. This problem also exists among people over 40 years old, but it is not the number one disorder. So if you have this problem, you are not alone and I hope you will get answers to your questions in this article.

*If possible, could you explain more about premature ejaculation and its reasons?
Premature ejaculation is a state in which a person ejaculates earlier than he wants or ejaculates so early that his partner does not enjoy sexual intercourse enough. Of course, expectations should be realistic. This is the definition that is approved by most experts in the science of sex or sexology.

* What is the standard time to reach ejaculation?
In response, I must tell you that there is no standard time to reach ejaculation, although according to the majority of people who have participated in the studies, a series of times have been suggested, but none of them are definitive because this time depends on the opinion and satisfaction of the people with the relationship. Their gender varies from couple to couple. But it is suggested that if in 50% or more cases of sexual intercourse, ejaculation occurs when the person or his sexual partner is not satisfied, it means that the person is suspected of this disorder and can be diagnosed and treated. Also, it is important to see when you first realized that you have this disorder and where you found out. Are you upset yourself? Your sexual partner is not satisfied through penetration, or did you hear from somewhere or someone that, for example, if sex lasts less than 10 minutes, it means you have a problem? Usually, one of the primary tests that are done to diagnose and treat this disorder is to take a detailed history of the person and their sexual partner (both together) because the relationship between couples plays a significant role in creating or fueling this problem.

* What are the causes of premature ejaculation disorder?
The only reasons suggested for this disorder are mental and psychological reasons and medical reasons are rarely reported for this disorder. We recognize and treat premature ejaculation in two categories: one is the primary sexual disorder, which means that the person has always had premature ejaculation since he became an adult and experienced masturbation or penetration, and the other is the secondary disorder, which means that the person has experienced this disorder since a certain time, and for example He did not have this situation in his previous experiences.
In general, from the point of view of psychology, several issues have been proposed that can cause premature ejaculation in men: one is if a person was punished during adolescence or childhood while masturbating or for example playing with his penis, in addition to feeling fear and The sin he commits from this matter may become a condition for him to ejaculate early so that no one reaches out and grabs his wrist, so to speak, and changing this habit is not an easy task. Next, the prevalence of this disorder among those who have been sexually abused by their acquaintances or strangers in childhood and adolescence has also been reported in research. The next group who are prone to premature ejaculation are those who experience sex for the first time, although not all of them. These people may not have good control over their ejaculation time. The reason for this issue is that the environment of women’s vagina creates a new feeling in the person, which causes intense stimulation of the person. In this case, usually people can gain control over time and by identifying the feelings they have during intimacy.

* In terms of religious beliefs, I have neither masturbated nor had sex, I am afraid that I will experience premature ejaculation during the first sexual intercourse after marriage with my wife. Does this have an effect at all, and if so, what is the solution?
Firstly, the relationship between these two issues is not certain at all, and secondly, among people who experience sex for the first time, premature ejaculation may occur due to intense stimulation, and it may take some time for them to gain control, which is completely normal. In these cases and in general after marriage, my only advice is that if this problem occurs one or more times, don’t worry and don’t put yourself and your partner under mental pressure. Regarding what to do now, until the end of the article, exercises are suggested that you can get a very effective result by doing them. Another reason for premature ejaculation is stress and mental pressure. Except for the pressures that come to the person from outside, such as discomfort at work, etc. The pressure a person puts on himself is also important, and the more understanding the relationship is, the sooner this problem will be solved, and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.

* Does a special diet help in this case?
I must say that some people believe that very spicy foods and spices like curry and pepper can cause premature ejaculation, but there is still no solid research on this. In not very common cases, the imbalance of hormones such as prolactin, dopamine and serotonin naturally or due to the use of some drugs can cause premature ejaculation. This case can be confirmed by going to the doctor and performing a series of hormonal tests, and if necessary, it can be treated.

* What doctor should be consulted?

You can start from a general practitioner because they can also recommend and interpret hormone tests for you. But in the next stages, if you notice that the balance of your hormones is disturbed, you can go to an endocrinologist with the guidance of a general practitioner, or sometimes to kidney and urinary tract specialists or urologists. In some cases, you should go to a psychiatrist to get the necessary medication, but a general practitioner can guide you on which path is best.

* I have premature ejaculation and the doctor I visited said that because my beard has not grown, my testosterone may be low. I wanted your advice.
First, you should take a test and then follow the treatment according to the doctor’s opinion. Second, it is not possible to definitively diagnose hormonal disorders by not growing a beard, especially if you are 19 years old and have not yet reached puberty (although you experience facial hair growth relatively later than other boys), because the time of facial hair growth depends on issues such as heredity. etc. also depends. Therefore, in general, it is recommended that you give complete tests and if you do not have a medical problem, you should be referred to a sex therapist or psychological specialists.

To treat premature ejaculation, the doctor usually treats the person in collaboration with a psychiatrist or psychologist or sexual psychotherapist because there are many factors involved. Usually, the diagnosis and treatment of premature ejaculation is done with the presence of both men and women under the supervision of a sex therapist, unless there is a need for medical intervention. In general, no drug has been approved by the FDA or the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of premature ejaculation, although this is different in different countries. But there are very useful non-drug treatments that these two exercises have over 85% of success:
The first is exercise to control ejaculation and the second is to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

The first method of stimulation and stopping, which teaches you how to time your ejaculation: the person stimulates masturbation with his own hand or asks his partner to do it for him, and stops just before he reaches ejaculation. He does this three times and can ejaculate for the fourth time. (For the first few weeks, do this exercise with bare hands and then with slippery gels to increase the resistance). From the time you read this and want to start the exercises, try not to have sex for 2-3 weeks. If you adhere to this principle, you will get a much better result because your brain will not get confused that it receives different stimuli and must give a specific response to each one. Be sure to talk to your partner in advance so that this issue does not cause confusion. Meanwhile, during this time, maintain your physical contact with each other, such as caressing and kissing, etc. After 2 or 3 weeks, you can start having intercourse little by little, but you will still reach the ejaculation stage once or twice, but slow down or stop the movement and let the arousal disappear, and you will be able to ejaculate for the third time. At the same time, taking a deep breath plays an effective role in postponing ejaculation and controlling its timing. This exercise may be a bit difficult for your wife because the steps are not continuous, so be sure to talk to each other before doing it. After six months of doing this exercise consistently, you will see the result.

The next exercise is pelvic floor muscle training: this exercise works on the muscles responsible for erection and ejaculation in men. To find them while peeing, hold your pee and then release it. It may take some time to find and control these muscles. After identifying these muscles, even in normal situations (while watching TV, working, etc.), you can regularly contract them, hold them for a few seconds, and then release them. So first spend some time to find these muscles. After you have them under control without urinating, you can start with two sets of 10 in the morning and at night, i.e. 20 in the morning and 20 in the night and contract your muscles, hold for 1 to 3 seconds and then release. Add 10 to these exercises every week, when their number reaches 50 or 60 in the morning and 50 to 60 in the evening, keep the same number.
When you get used to doing the exercises, you don’t even need to do them only in the morning, you can do them gradually throughout the day. In addition, if you have strong pelvic floor muscles, you will not suffer from the complications of aging, because mostly in old people, the erection power decreases and the angle of the penis changes downward, but with strong pelvic floor muscles, these complications are much less. I would like to emphasize that the results of these exercises will appear at least after six months if they are done regularly. Do not expect an overnight effect.

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