Spouse fatigue after marriage

Why do men fall into a deep sleep after having sex and after it? What is the reason for this? Why does this state occur to them?

It often happens that men fall asleep after sex while women are awake. Men owe this sleep to the hormone prolactin, which is secreted after intercourse and causes drowsiness. Prolactin suppresses the arousal neurotransmitter dopamine. While the female body secretes this hormone very little. But it is not only prolactin that keeps men’s eyes open.

The hormone of good feeling or oxytocin is released during sex and can remove stressful thoughts from the mind and therefore they fall asleep easier and easier and if they have sex in silence, the message reaches the brain that It is bedtime and the hormone melatonin regulates the sleep cycle. When prolactin, oxytocin, and melatonin all interfere, it is time to go to bed.

His body shifts

Male body chemicals change after orgasm. When prolactin is released, the body warns of fatigue. In contrast, women do not reach orgasm every time they have sex. So they can have the energy to discuss love and life and.. Another biological explanation is that during sex and after orgasm, the muscles that produce energy from glycogen are depleted, and this makes men feel drowsy because men have more muscle mass than women, men feel more tired.

He loses his mental sense

Sex also focuses on the psychological aspects, the integration of two bodies that conducts energy and energizes men and women. Sex and orgasm show the peak of psychological awareness and energy union. But orgasm is a foreign man and causes this energy to come out. In contrast, orgasm in a woman is internal and energy remains in the body and therefore stays fresh.

He can not speak

Women want to process their experiences, which is why they tend to talk after sex. Communication is easier and more natural for women. If the man does not speak well, he lies on his back on the bed and does not communicate. While according to research, caressing after sex helps to strengthen the intimacy, attachment and overall feeling of both parties. So you need to find ways to transplant after sex.

Ways to keep awake to receive caresses

  • Have sex before breakfast, lunch or dinner. This way he is less likely to fall asleep because he is hungry.
  • Try not to have sex late at night because this time will automatically lead to fatigue.
  • Agree on a timeline for staying awake after sex.

Not everything is related to him

After sex, both men and women feel relaxed, warm and sleepy, but not all men sleep after sex, some of them enjoy cuddling and enjoy talking to each other, and sometimes it is the woman who He goes to sleep. But even if he sleeps, he should not make you think that your relationship is not as strong as it should be. While his snoring can prove how happy and satisfied he is.

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