Spring and related allergies

In what seasons does allergy become more prevalent and what diseases and problems does it cause? How can we avoid the effects of spring allergies?

Many people look forward to spring and enjoy it, but for some people, due to allergies, they may not experience a good season.

According to Salamat News quoted by ISNA, this season is actually the pollination season of plants that affects the health of some people and causes allergies. Mild winters will start early spring, and these people know that their seasonal allergies will last longer.

“Allergies can occur in any season, but they increase in the spring due to plant pollination,” said Merrit Fudget, an allergist and immunologist at the University of Petersburg Medical Center.

It is recommended that people with allergies start treatment before they notice any symptoms; Because their pollination season intensifies. Of course, if you see any symptoms, be sure to get an allergy test. Do not allow pollen to enter your living space with ventilation devices, keep the room cool and open windows less.

Experts advise people who are allergic to grass to avoid mowing or mowing their lawn.

Use antihistamines before leaving the house and never close your eyes after entering the house, because your fingers are full of plant pollen and as a result, your eye sensitivity increases.

To get rid of pollen, wash your clothes in the washing machine and also use a mask to prevent bacteria and fungi from entering your nose; Especially when you are in a dusty environment. Also, use a reciprocating motion to remove dust instead of moving quickly using a duster that scatters dust.

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