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Staying Active at Your Workplace When You’re Paid to Sit Still

I bet your desk job is great, but it is not the greatest for your health and physical fitness. These two things seem like they are at odds – but they don’t have to be! With a little creativity and some planning, you can find all kinds of ways to squeeze more mobility into your day.

Let’s Talk About New Research

We all know spending long hours at a desk is not the greatest for our body. We all know physical activity is good for us. Yet, a good number of us still spend long hours at our desks. I can’t help but wonder if it because so many of think we need to have the full 60 minute sweat session that has been the standard for decades. If so, we are wrong. New research has found small bursts of activity throughout the day may actually be just as beneficial as a hard 60 minute workout outside of work. Research also indicates that long periods of sitting are a greater problem than imagined.

Where To Find Opportunities For More Activity

Start by making this small change to your day: make a goal of 3 minutes of activity each hour you’re at your desk. Here are some creative ways to find a few minutes to move each day.

  • Use public transportation
  • Park at the back of the parking lot
  • Take the stairs or the longest route to your office
  • Instead of email or messaging, get up and talk to your office mates
  • Eat at your desk and take a walk during your lunch break
  • Stay hydrated because you’ll have to get up more often to use the restroom
  • Use a pedometer
  • Do push ups, sit ups, and crunches throughout the day
  • Get up and get a good stretch at the top of each hour
  • Move the fitness equipment in front of the t.v.
  • Grab your spouse or your kids and talk a walk around the block
  • Create fitness games with your family
  • Mow your own grass (or whatever chore you’re paying someone else to do)
  • Take an extra lap around the store instead of heading straight to checkout
  • Commit to take a fitness class
  • Replace your desk chair with a fitness ball

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. You should be moving for a few minutes every hour. Honestly the hardest part about building fitness into your day is learning to accept these small bursts of activity when you are more accustomed to long gym sessions. Longer workouts have their place but with a sedentary job you need to find ways to move throughout the day to have the greatest positive impact on your health and avoid conditions like Type 2 diabetes.

As you find ways to build more movement into your day, you will be taking positive steps toward better health. Just remember consistent activity is better for you than a punishing session at the gym.

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