Stimulate the immune system with cat grip

The human immune system normally defends itself against harmful agents such as bacteria and viruses. This reaction is sometimes against external agents called allergens, which are normally harmless and difficult for many people. They do not cause it to happen.

A 57-year-old woman who was trying to bathe her cat developed a fever and swollen arm as a result of a cat’s claw, which could have killed her.

It is worth mentioning that this woman initially had a normal wound, which later recurred, became swollen, and involved organs such as the spleen.

Studies show that the woman suffered from loss of appetite and severe sore throat, and all these symptoms were due to bacteria in her body caused by the cat wound, which forced her to stay in the hospital for 6 days. .
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Cat grip, especially if the cat has the disease, can pose a serious risk to people with weakened immune systems or health.

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