Stimulate the sexual desire of the spouse with these tricks

You have seen and read various articles on different websites about ways to overcome sexual problems. You can get a lot of techniques, tips and advice from various sources in this regard. But what exactly is sex that everyone has so much trouble with? And why does it always seem like others have a better sex life than you?

The fact is that this is not the case. They are struggling with the same problems you have. Those who have better sex with their spouses are either older or have a longer relationship. So relax, you have a long way to go to reach that point. But sexual gratification does not happen by accident. You have a lot of work to do.

It’s very interesting to me how sexual intercourse can create both a very strong emotional connection and an extraordinarily orgasmic trance, and at the same time a very simple separation, loneliness and embarrassment for you. It all comes down to this: Sex is more than just an act. It is a metaphor. How you have sex largely shows how you live, and how you live says a lot about your sex life.

Many married men are embarrassed to talk about sex with their partner. Men, from the beginning of the relationship to the act of sex itself, are always victims of the philosophy of “do what you did last time.” They look for ways to have sex without mentioning the subject or spend the whole day thinking that they did not upset their spouse because he or she did not want to have sex at the time. The problem is that they do not really take responsibility for their own lives or their relationship.

Let’s start with things that excite women. It is interesting to note that the things that really excite women are the exact opposite of what most men think. The biggest mistake men make is to think that women love what they do for them. But I’m sorry gentlemen. When you wake up in the morning, go back to bed and put your hand on your spouse’s chest, even though it is very irritating for you, it will not affect your wife.

How a woman feels in the presence of a man is the main and determining factor in whether she will experience sexual attraction or not. And what he likes to feel is trust. For most women, trust equals lust. If a woman seems to have lost interest in having sex with you, I think you have not given her any reason to trust her or that she has lost your confidence.

But how do you build that high level of trust in your marriage? Through your power, presence, self-confidence and honesty.

1. Your power. There is a reason why men are considered the stronger sex. The man is usually expected to have support, support and physical strength. He is expected to work hard, sweat and stand on his own two feet. Have these masculine powers.

۲. your presence. Your spouse’s desire to have sex largely depends on this. If you are 100% present when you are with him (even if your time together is limited), he will be satisfied. I also want to say that I believe you should put 100% of your sexual energy in your relationship. If you spend any percentage of it elsewhere, your relationship trust will be compromised.

3. Your self-confidence. Because women are inherently seeking security, male self-esteem can be a strong stimulus for them. When a man approaches his wife with confidence, she experiences exactly the same chemical reaction (dopamine and norepinephrine secretion) in her brain that a man experiences when his wife raises her blouse and shows her breasts. And I do not mean “self-confidence”, “masculine pride” and “patriarchy”! I mean, be a man who knows who he is. Men who are anxious, passive, or degraded have everything but self-confidence. If you are looking for a definitive way to destroy your marriage, be a passive, argumentative and degrading man who just wants to keep his wife happy forever.

4. Your honesty. Having consistent truth is essential to maintaining a deep sexual relationship with your spouse. This means always telling the truth, standing on your own two feet, acting on your own words and having the right boundaries.

5. Extra tip: have a plan. We do not mean to control your spouse; That is, give him the right to choose. One of the worst things you can do is ask, “What do you want to do tonight?” Instead, when you walk in the door, say, “Get ready to go out for dinner at 8 o’clock.” Of course, give him the choice to either accept your offer or have an alternative. Do not leave everything to him. This principle also applies to the bedroom. When you are present as a man and share your mind, heart, humor, logic, imagination, words, power and everything with your spouse, you give your whole being to him. When he accepts your invitation, he will do the same for you and will take you to places you could not go yourself.


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