Stop drinking soda

What happens in your body when you drink soda, we want to report these events to you instantly. Soda is a very harmful drink and full of side effects. The less you consume, the better for you.

Have you ever wondered how your body reacts after drinking soft drinks? In this article, we will examine the state of the body one hour after eating a can of Coca-Cola.

Soda is probably one of the main drinks in the world’s diet, but you might be interested to know how your body reacts to it up to an hour after drinking a can of Coca-Cola.

After 10 minutes

The amount of sugar entered into your body after drinking a can of Coca-Cola is about 10 teaspoons, which is equal to the amount needed by the body during a day, but due to the presence of phosphoric acid, the body quickly enters this amount of sugar. does not react.

After 20 minutes

After consuming this carbonated drink, the amount of sugar and insulin in your blood will increase sharply, at this time your liver will do its best to convert sugar into fats in the body.

After 40 minutes

At this time, the caffeine in the soft drink is absorbed by your body and this causes the liver to raise the amount of sugar in the blood to a higher level, at this time the adenosine receptors in your brain prevent you from falling asleep.

After 45 minutes

Now the production of dopamine (hormone of excitement and happiness) in your brain starts to increase. (Similar to when the body is under the influence of heroin.)

After 60 minutes

Due to the combination of phosphoric acid and calcium, the metabolism of the body increases and causes a decrease in the amount of magnesium and zinc in the body. Also, this increase in sugar causes the excretion of calcium through urine.

Consuming Coca-Cola and other dark-colored carbonated drinks can cause the removal of vitamins, acids, nutrients and even darken the color of the teeth, so before you want to drink a cold drink, remember the above points. .‎

19 November 2015 10:54

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